Western Washington University

Bellingham, WA

Western Washington University

Bellingham, WA

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Don't just go to college.
Make Waves.

Western Washington University isn’t a place where you just show up for four years, learn a few things, and get a job that bores you. That’s for normal schools. 

We want people with an appetite for ambition—people who want to learn about the universe then change it. Through close relationships with professors, a community atmosphere, and academic excellence, we help people find their purpose, and we inspire them to pursue that purpose with everything they’ve got. We bring together those who want to change the world with the people who are changing it. Western is where, together, we can Make Waves. 

Lead your change
Our students and graduates are recognized for making change in their communities and the world. Citlaly Ramirez tells her story of going from studying English as her second language to getting an internship coding alongside other software developers. As she courageously shares her experience of navigating life as an undocumented student, she creates understanding and inspires others. 

Bring your ideas to life
You deserve an education that teaches you to innovate and think critically, preparing you for jobs of the future that don’t yet exist. Even before earning their degrees, Western students have created one of the nation’s first campus recycling programs, developed tiny homes to address affordable housing and environmental sustainability needs, developed the first completely transparent solar window, and so much more.

From the beautiful natural environment to the welcoming community, Western is a breath of fresh air and a wonderful place to call home. Get ready to make deep connections and have the real conversations needed to create a better future. Located in northwestern Washington State between the mountains and the bay, this area offers countless ways to connect with the people and causes that are important to you.



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By the Numbers

16,121 students

27 students in classes on average

99% of classes taught by faculty, not graduate assistants

175+ academic programs, the most popular including Biology, Business, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Environmental Science, Marine Biology, and Psychology

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