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Allegheny College

Meadville, PA

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Recognized as one of Loren Pope’s 40 Colleges That Change Lives, Allegheny College is one of the nation’s oldest and most dynamic institutions of higher education. Allegheny requires both a major and a minor, allowing students to combine multiple interests, skills, and talents. Over and over again, we hear from leaders in business, government, medicine, and education that the future belongs to innovators, inventors, and “big-picture” thinkers—those who think analytically and creatively. It is this preparation for the global marketplace—and life—that ranks Allegheny above the rest and attracts national attention.

“My major and minor have realized my love and passion for environmental film.”

Megan King’s desire to pursue the unusual combination of Environmental Studies and Film Production solidified her decision to become a Gator. As she progressed through her Environmental Studies courses, she became increasingly interested in health issues and discovered an opportunity to combine her passions for the greater good. “I realized I was more interested in the human side of environmental issues,” she said. “There are so many different global health issues, and to be able to shed light on some of those issues by using film as a way to engage the public is something I want to do.”

She was further inspired to pursue her interest in video activism through her Senior Comp, Allegheny’s independent research project. She created a 14-minute video addressing the importance of water fluoridation to share with the Meadville Area Water Authority and city council—a project that provided her many poignant learning experiences and provided the local community with greater insight into the importance of taking action around this health issue. Megan graduated from Allegheny and began her career in a position with an environmental film organization.

“You will be called into some leadership position during your time at Allegheny.”

While working toward his major in Political Science, Larry Hailsham spent spring break teaching human anatomy to young students in Costa Rica. Larry traveled to the Green Valley Atenas School of Costa Rica as part of a project with Creek Connections, an Allegheny College initiative that connects high school, middle school, and elementary school students with authentic natural science research experiences. While not a Natural Science major (or minor), Larry was only too happy to accept this challenge.  At Allegheny, each student is encouraged to pursue unique experiential opportunities that speak to his or her own interests—opportunities that broaden the scope of one’s chosen academic path and enhance leadership development.

Larry is no stranger to seizing opportunities. He was a Bonner Scholar and served as the Philanthropy Chair to Delta Tau Delta and President of Allegheny Student Government. His summers were spent in Washington, DC, with Teach For America and an internship at the White House. Larry currently works as a Staff Assistant to US Senator Robert Casey. “You can step up to action or sit back and wait,” Larry said. “Go with friends, or go at it on your own. Regardless, you will be called into some leadership position during your time at Allegheny.” 

“Whenever I come across biochemistry problems, I think like a physicist.”

Noah Snyder, Allegheny Class of 2010
MAJORS: Biochemistry | Neuroscience
MINORS: Physics | Chinese Studies
President and CEO at Interphase Materials, Forbes “30 Under 30” for Manufacturing and Industry

“One of the most important influences of my career was the diverse education I was exposed to at Allegheny College. Being exposed to such a wide range of disciplines gave me a new perspective on my coursework and business. Whenever I come across biochemistry problems, I think like a physicist. And whenever I try to solve a physics or chemistry problem, I look to how biology and nature have solved the problem before. Having that diverse background helped distinguish me in grad school and ultimately led me to my career starting a company.”


Ranked #42 among the best Liberal Arts Colleges in the country | Washington Monthly, 2022

Ranked #80 among "Best Value Schools" in the country | U.S. News & World Report, 2024

Ranked #23 among the best schools for "First-Year Experiences" | U.S. News & World Report, 2024

Ranked #24 among the best schools for "Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects" | U.S. News & World Report, 2024

At A Glance

• #1 in Undergraduate Research by the Council on Undergraduate Research
• 32nd-oldest college in the nation
• 11:1 student-faculty
• Average class size: 19 students for introductory, 12 students for advanced
Over 2,500 internship opportunities
• 565-
acre campus, including a 283-acre nature reserve and a 203-acre outdoor recreation complex
• State-of-the-art science complex
• Premier communication arts center
Radio and television stations
• Modern sport
and fitness center
• 120+ student clubs and 
• Located two hours from 
Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Ontario in Meadville, Pennsylvania 


• Baseball (m)
• Basketball (m, w)
• Cross-Country (m, w)
• Field hockey (w)
• Football (m)
• Golf (m, w)
• Lacrosse (m, w)
• Soccer
(m, w)
• Softball (w)
• Swimming & Diving
(m, w)
• Tennis (m, w)
• Track, indoor (m, w)
• Track, outdoor (m, w)
• Volleyball (w)
Extensive club, intramural, and outdoor recreation opportunities 

Outcomes by the Numbers 

• 100% of students complete a comprehensive senior research project
• 30% of graduates go directly to graduate school
• 68% of students undertake internships
• Over 80% of students participate in community service (70,000 hours)
• 95% of job seekers find employment within six months
• Extensive merit aid up to
$37,000 per year guaranteed

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