Suffolk University

Boston, MA

Suffolk University

Boston, MA

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Make Yourself More

Located in downtown Boston, Suffolk University gives undergraduate students boundless opportunities to discover their best selves and connect the dots between their hands-on, interdisciplinary education and a career that truly matters. 

Learn to lead
At Suffolk, we provide higher education with a twist. Our students don’t just take notes on lectures; they learn on site and in person. It’s this focus on experiential learning that makes all the difference when they graduate. 

Our world-class faculty members lead cutting-edge classes, including the First-Year Seminar, Creativity and Innovation courses, Travel Seminars, and Business Foundations. They’re also well connected in their fields and share their contacts with students. You’ll find Suffolk students interning—and working—at Boston’s top employers: Fidelity Investments and John Hancock, the Massachusetts State House and Massachusetts General Hospital, and Apple and Amazon, among others. 

Thanks to Suffolk’s downtown location, our students learn from the leaders of Boston’s business, arts, government, health care, finance, tech, and media sectors—all of which are just around the corner or a few train stops away. 

Gain the skills you need to succeed
Our students conduct and present market research on Gen Z consumers for Sonos executives. They design databases for the Boston Red Sox. They analyze water data for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. 

This experiential learning gives students a grounded, in-depth understanding of their fields they won’t find in a textbook. They gain the poise to give professional-quality presentations, the confidence to express their opinions, and the critical thinking skills to solve challenges in innovative ways. 

Unlock a world of knowledge
Adaptability, intercultural understanding, and critical-thinking skills help students live and work anywhere in the world. Suffolk undergraduates gain global perspectives in many ways.

A select group of freshmen can spend up to two years at the Suffolk University Madrid Campus before completing their degrees in Boston. International Relations majors can stay for all four years. Students can also spend a more traditional semester or academic year studying abroad at Suffolk Madrid or at any of our 50+ partner institutions.  

Business students visit Israel, Germany, and Italy on Travel Seminars that feature site visits and projects with some of the world’s most well-known companies. Freshmen can explore Europe through our Global Gateway Program, while some students volunteer with communities in Southeast Asia over winter break. 

And since our Boston campus  welcomes the third-largest percentage of international students in the country—21% of our student body hail from abroad—undergraduates don’t need a passport to get a new worldview. 

Embrace your strengths
Diversity and inclusion are key to our vibrant campus culture and have been since our founding in 1906. Suffolk students represent a wealth of backgrounds, religions, orientations, and identities—and they learn from each other. 

Our 100+ student organizations give them even more ways to step up and develop the leadership skills they’ll need long after graduation: the abilities to listen to different views respectfully, collaborate with peers, and take risks.

Be a Bostonian
Boston is a fantastic place to learn and live as an undergrad. Suffolk students are ideally placed to enjoy the museums, theaters, live music and sports venues, and restaurants all around our campus. They gain the confidence to find their own scene in the city—when they’re not busy interning for Boston’s most prestigious employers. 

Suffolk prepares students for professional success

Suffolk students dream big. Our degree programs and campus resources are specially designed to help them achieve their goals. 

Our Career Development Center provides the skills and guidance students need to make an impact in the working world. Our expert team partners with them to help choose a major, find internships, write winning résumés and cover letters, apply to graduate school, and find meaningful work. This relationship is for life: students and graduates can turn to this resource at any point in their careers. 

Suffolk alumni are excited to help current students succeed too. Through the Ram Alumni Mentoring Program (RAMP), alumni from undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Sawyer Business School mentor students and foster their personal, educational, and professional success. 

And when it’s time for our students to put their Suffolk educations to work and find jobs that matter, employers take note. 

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