Get ready for your future


Consistently ranks among the top institutions in the annual U.S. News & World Report regional schools report
Home to more than 200 student organizations, among them the African-Latino Society, Environmental Society, Habitat for Humanity, Public Relations Student Society of America, Mu Phi Epsilon (music honor society), and Tae Kwon Do Club
Sponsors 27 Division III sports teams that distinguish themselves in national competition as well as a strong intramural program

A Finance major hones his skills in the Business School’s trading room and then interns with a Wall Street financial firm. A Biology major coauthors a research study and presents her findings at a national conference. A Film major makes a documentary that’s featured in two dozen film festivals and launches his own film company before he graduates. 

Stories like these abound at Ithaca College, a school that excels at getting students ready for their futures. There are three keys to that readiness: theory, practice, and performance. Ithaca is the perfect place to learn from all three.

Boundless opportunity
Choose from more than 100 degree programs in the Schools of Business, Communications, Health Sciences and Human Performance, Humanities and Sciences, and Music. If you’re undecided about your major (many students are), our Exploratory Program will introduce you to a range of opportunities and provide the academic advising and support you need to choose a major that’s right for you.

Students routinely double-major, minor, and combine fields of study in intriguing ways—Philosophy and Politics, Music and Marketing, Biochemistry and French—tailoring their learning to fit their interests and career goals. The real world is interdisciplinary, and your education should be too.

You’ll learn in small classes taught by faculty who are accomplished scholars and passionate teachers who become partners on your educational journey. You’ll also have the opportunity to gain a global perspective through study abroad and courses that seek solutions to worldwide challenges.

You will have regular access to some of the finest facilities you’ll find on a college campus. The Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise features a sophisticated trading room with the same software and real-time transaction capability found on Wall Street. Production studios in the School of Communications offer high-tech resources that would make some media outlets envious. Student scientists learn science by doing science, using the same instruments as professionals. Students in the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance work in labs and clinics equipped with resources used by practitioners. Performance spaces for Music and Theater Arts offer world-class acoustics and ambience. 

Putting thought into action
There’s no better way to learn some
thing than to do it, so at Ithaca, we surround you with opportunities to apply classroom theory to real-world practice. From their first year here, Ithaca students conduct research with faculty, intern in their fields of interest, participate in field work and performances, and create projects that offer the kind of practical, hands-on experience that makes employers and graduate schools take notice.

Join a vibrant learning community
With 6,200 undergraduate and 500 graduate students, the Ithaca College community is small enough to feel close-knit but large enough to offer a broad array of ways to get involved.

Ithaca offers more than 200 student organizations, plus community service projects, arts, and other offerings that let you develop talents and interests, sharpen leadership skills, and make connections that will enrich your learning and your life.

We have 27 Division III intercollegiate sports teams, plus more than 40 intramural and club sports ranging from the mainstream (basketball, soccer, and rugby) to the less so (equestrian and circus).

All of this happens in Ithaca, a cosmopolitan city of 47,000 in the Finger Lakes region of Central New York. Ithaca is known for its progressive vibe and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities and for being a mainstay on many “Best College Towns” and “Most Livable Cities” lists.

After Ithaca
An Ithaca education opens doors. Our graduates have made their mark around the globe in just about every field imaginable. You’ll find recent alumni working as music directors, investment analysts, journalists, filmmakers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and athletic trainers for professional sports teams. They go on to many of the finest medical schools, law schools, MBA programs, and other graduate programs in the United States and beyond. With an Ithaca education, you will be confident, prepared, and ready for whatever comes next in your life.