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10 Radically Innovative Engineering/Science Programs

Engineers are the world's problem solvers, and some of the best in the world got their start at the schools listed here, known for their "cutting-edge science and engineering...

Colleges Awarding the Most Degrees in Engineering: Small/Medium-Size

These mid-sized schools just happen to award the most engineering degrees.

Colleges Competing in the Solar Decathlon

According to its website, ¿The U.S Department of Energy Solar Decathlon challenges collegiate teams to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective,...

Colleges With Strength in Aerospace Engineering

There would be no "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" without aerospace engineers. And they do more than putting astronauts in the stratosphere.

Colleges to Consider for Audio Technology and/or Acoustic Engineering

These colleges offer course work related to the science of sound, which includes mechanical engineering, music, and audiology. Also, we think "The Science of Sound" would make...

Community Colleges Awarding the Most Degrees in Engineering-Related Technologies/Technicians

These community colleges are doing the work, producing the most graduates with degrees in engineering tech.

Great Colleges for the Future Engineer

There are a lot of Engineering specialties out there: Mechanical, Civil, Industrial, Chemical, and Electrical, just to name a few. Plus, they can all be broken down into...

Great Engineering Programs at Medium-Sized Colleges

Where should students go for a medium-sized school with strength in Engineering? We asked the experts and they answered; they're good like that. (A "medium-sized" college is...

Great Engineering Programs at Small Colleges

Because bigger isn't always better, where should students go for a small college with strength in Engineering? The schools on this list, of course. (A "small" college is...

Great Schools to Consider for Robotics

Robots, which used to be the stuff of science-fiction dreams, are now commonplace in science and engineering. These colleges offer a variety of programs concerned with the...

The Experts' Choice: Colleges and Universities With Great Engineering and Liberal Arts Options

Contrary to popular belief, some engineers actually do like reading...and history and the arts too.

Where Science and Engineering PhDs Received Their Undergraduate Degrees

It takes many years and a lot of hard work to earn a doctorate in science or engineering. But it all started with an undergraduate degree. Many current PhDs got their start at...