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Members of the Venture Consortium

Students going into nonprofit work can expect plenty of support from the schools on this list.

Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education

Pittsburgh is famous for a huge, sloppy sandwich that's covered with coleslaw and French fries. We bet all the students there just love it.

Quaker Consortium

Each one of these schools was actually founded by the Religious Society of Friends, a.k.a. the Quakers.

Seven-College Exchange

These schools are right in the cradle of the Civil War.

Southern Consortium

This may be the most spread-out consortium, stretching from Texas to North Carolina.

The Claremont Colleges

Claremont, California, is a true college town because of these seven schools.

The Ohio Five

The title really says it all.

The Seven Sisters

This title isn't quite as fitting as it used to be. Each one of the schools on this list started as a women's college, but now both Radcliffe (part of Harvard University) and...

Twelve-College Exchange

A dozen schools worth considering in the New England area.

UN Semester

Diplomats start here. These colleges allow students to attend classes at UN headquarters in New York City and spend time observing UN operations.

Washington Consortium

How about trading in the traditional college quad for the National Mall? Sounds good.

Worcester Consortium

The Worcester colleges were nice enough to include schools in close-by Massachusetts towns Paxton, Dudley, Medford, and South Lancaster too.