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Admission Through an Alternative First-Year Program

Want to be a big fish in a small pond? General studies programs give you that small-college feel when you're in a larger college community. These programs usually last only a...

Colleges That Do Not Consider Standardized Test Scores

Standardized tests aren't for every student, and, increasingly, they aren't for every college either. These schools do not require standardized test scores (like the SAT and...

Colleges and Universities That Don't Require Supplemental Essays

Having schools on your list that don’t require supplemental essays gives you more time and energy to apply to more colleges and programs. The following schools do not require...

Colleges for Students Needing a Second Chance

These colleges all believe in second chances! With collaboration from counseling colleagues, Christie Theriot Woodfin, an educational consultant in Atlanta and expert on...

Colleges for Students Who Have Not Made the Best Life Choices

Some students may not have made good choices in their lives. Maybe they "borrowed" their neighbor's car when they were 15, but they are now on track for success. Judge Mason,...

Colleges for the B/B- Student with Average Scores

If you have average standardized test scores and high school GPA, don't worry! These colleges look past the numbers into what really makes a good college student. PS You can...

Colleges that Accept the Highest Percentage of Students in the Bottom Half of Secondary School Class

You didn't crack the top 50%. That's okay. College is a clean slate, and you'll get a chance to prove yourself at one of these schools. Work your heiney off, and you'll be on...

Great Private Colleges for the Underachiever

Okay, so no one ever accused you of giving 110% in high school. But that doesn't mean you don't want to go to college and do well. If you haven't pushed yourself as hard as you...

Start Slowly Colleges

Not ready for the crazy college experience quite yet? These colleges are either two-year schools, four-year schools with two-year programs, or schools that provide other ways...

The "I Can't Believe I Can Get in There" List

Yeah, we can't believe it either! These prestigious colleges accept a wide range of applicants based on a wide variety of criteria.

The Experts' Choice: Colleges With Great Reputations That Are Not Incredibly Selective

Looking for a college with a great reputation but aren't sure you can make it to the Ivies? This is the list for you!

The Experts' Choice: Colleges for the Improved Student

Didn't do so hot your freshman and sophomore year of high school? Don't stress. These are the colleges the experts say are best for the student who has improved his or her...

The Experts' Choice: Great Public Universities for a B Student with a Strong Desire for College Success

Here are the colleges for the student who did well in high school but really wants to takeoff in college.

The Experts' Choice: Terrific Private Universities for a B Student

These are the private colleges that our experts say B students should include in their college search.

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Top Colleges for the Late Bloomer

Did you get a slow start in high school? That's okay. At these respected colleges, lower-than-average students with energy and determination are considered for admission.