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Beach Colleges

Not all beach colleges are situated near the coast in place such as California and Florida. While many are, there are also numerous colleges located closed to large bodies of...

Campus Safety: The Non List

What? You thought we were only about the lists? Well, we are, but we thought this was important (though, there is a list of websites, so that technically counts). Here are some...

College Cities With Vibrant Music Scenes

Looking for top-notch record stores, late-night venues with quality musicians, and a healthy culture of concerts and performances? These college cities feature a lively music...

Colleges Ranked Highest in Sexual Health Education and Preparedness

Below are the top 20 U.S. colleges and universities from the 2015 TrojanTM Sexual Health Report Card. Colleges were chosen on the basis of such factors as quality of sexual...

Colleges and Universities With Excellent Facilities and Amenities on Campus

A college campus is only as good as what it offers to support student life and academic success. The phrase "facilities and amenities" covers a wide range of things that...

Colleges and Universities With the Best On-Campus Libraries

Students need academic resources and support to make the most of an education. If you're searching for colleges where you can thrive, start at the library!

Colleges and Universities With the Best Transportation Systems

Sometimes running across campus just isn't an option. That's why it's important for colleges to have a reliable transportation system—so everyone can get to everywhere they...

Colleges and Universities With the Cleanest Campuses

Many colleges are renowned for their gorgeous campus locations! But part of campus beauty is ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the students who attend. Check out...

Colleges and Universities With the Most Helpful Student Health Resources

Looking for a college that nurtures the physical and mental health of its student body? Check out these recommendations from the CX community!

Colleges with Meditative Spaces

After all the sports, classes, and parties, these colleges let you relax in a space purely meant for peace.

Colleges with Respected Art Museums

Are you in with the art kids? Then these schools are for you. Take a look at the colleges with the best art museums.

Colleges with the Most Computers Available to Students

Sure, you probably have 17 different devices right now that can reach the Internet. But sometimes, you just can't beat hunkering down in the computer lab with the rest of your...

Great Student Unions

These campuses have a great place for students to gather...other than off-campus parties.

Some of the Safest College Campuses in the Country

A safe environment is important to everyone who lives, learns, and works on any college campus. And you can feel good knowing these are some of the safest, according to real...

The Best Colleges and Universities for Access to Student Support Services

Having accessible campus resources is crucial for college student success. These schools are praised by real students for their top-notch support services.

The Experts' Choice: Colleges for the Outdoorsy Student

If you enjoy bugs, bears, and hiking, then our experts think you'll enjoy these colleges.