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Colleges and Universities With Female Presidents and Chancellors

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About This List

Effective college and university leadership is paramount in shaping the academic and cultural landscapes of higher education institutions across the country. Presidents and chancellors in particular serve as visionary leaders and are responsible for setting strategic direction, fostering a conducive learning environment, and upholding an institution's values. They play pivotal roles in decision-making, resource allocation, and community engagement, ensuring the holistic development of students, faculty, and staff. Through their guidance and stewardship, college presidents and chancellors navigate challenges, foster innovation, and cultivate a vibrant campus community conducive to academic excellence and student success.

Women currently hold a minority of presidency or chancellorship positions at colleges and universities in the United States compared to men. However, the number of women in these roles has been rising over time due to changes in leadership appointments and advancements in gender equity efforts. The increasing presence of women in leadership positions at colleges and universities signifies a significant step forward in fostering diverse and inclusive educational environments, where their perspectives and dedication contribute to shaping the future of higher education, promoting inclusivity, and inspiring future generations of students to strive for excellence in academia and beyond.

This list features women who are currently presidents or chancellors of US colleges and universities as of March 2024; it also highlights the importance of women in leadership roles in education. As we celebrate women's contributions throughout history, everyone should recognize these leaders for their hard work and dedication to making their institutions the best they can be. They’re an inspiration to the mission of supporting and encouraging more opportunities for women to lead in all areas of life!

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