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What Are the Advantages of Studying Abroad in College?

Why should you study abroad in college? Here are just a few advantages of traveling overseas, plus quick tips to help you have the adventure of a lifetime.


How Can I Be a Supportive Student Ally to the LGBTQ+ Community?

Being an ally to the LGBTQ+ community is easy with a little bit of effort and empathy. Here are a few ways to be supportive as recommended by an expert.

K–12 Manager, City of Seattle

How Can I Boost My Chances of Finding a Job After College?

What can you do to stand out in a sea of job candidates after college? An expert has four proven tips that will boost your chances of finding employment.


What Is Important to Know About Women's Colleges Before Applying?

Women’s colleges are unique institutions with an important history. Here’s an expert rundown if you’re considering applying to any of them.


What Can I Do If I’m Feeling Nervous About My SAT Test Date?

SAT anxiety is completely normal, but you can control any testing situation with a few simple tricks. Calm yourself with these expert test prep secrets!


What Is DEI and Why Does It Matter in My College Search?

The college search involves considering a whole host of factors, including a school's DEI initiatives. This is what to know about DEI from an expert.


Why Is It Important to Build a Balanced College List?

Students should build a balanced college list consisting of several safety, match, and reach schools. Learn why and how you should do this from an expert!


How Can I Support My College Student From a Distance?

It’s hard letting your student go to college and feeling like you can't take care of them, but you can! Here's some advice on supporting your student from afar.


Should I Pay an Agency to Get Recruited for College Sports?

If you’re looking to get noticed by college coaches as a student-athlete, should you be using an agency or doing it yourself? Our experts have the answer!


How Can My Student Find a College With a Good ROI?

Obviously, you want your student to go to a college that’s worth the cost. But how do you determine a school's return on investment? Here's some expert advice.

Freelance Writer and College Coach

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