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Should I Pay an Agency to Get Recruited for College Sports?

If you’re looking to get noticed by college coaches as a student-athlete, should you be using an agency or doing it yourself? Our experts have the answer!


How Can My Student Find a College With a Good ROI?

Obviously, you want your student to go to a college that’s worth the cost. But how do you determine a school's return on investment? Here's some expert advice.

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What Is Important to Know About Taxes as a Student?

Tax Day is here! If you’re wondering what “doing taxes” means or want to learn more for the future, here’s some expert advice on what you should know.


What Questions Should I Ask About Scholarship Offers?

You got offered a scholarship? Great! Before you accept it, there are a few questions you should be asking yourself and the scholarship committee about it.


How Can I Negotiate With Colleges If I Need More Financial Aid?

If your college financial aid package isn't as much as you need, you can appeal it! Our experts have some advice on negotiating and how to do it right.

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Is Going to College Really Worth the Cost?

The cost of college has steadily risen over the years. So is earning a degree still worth it? Our experts explain why it is for several unexpected reasons.

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Do I Wait for Aid Offers Before Applying for Scholarships?

Some students think they should wait to get financial aid offers before applying for scholarships. Here's why you should start your scholarship search earlier!


What's the Difference Between Co-ops and Internships?

Internships and co-ops are both great experiential learning opportunities in college. But what's the difference between the two? Our expert has the answer.


What's the Best Major to Prepare Me for Medical School?

Wondering what you should study as an undergraduate to best prepare for your future medical school admission process? Check out our expert's advice!


What Is Naviance and How Do I Use It?

Many high schools use Naviance to help students plan for college, but what is it all about? Learn more about this college and career readiness tool here!


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