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How to Find Endless Opportunities Through Catholic Campus Ministry

College is a time to grow academically and personally. Catholic students find that pursuing campus ministry opportunities enhances the overall experience.

Admissions Counselor, University of Dallas

6 Important Questions About Service Learning in College, Answered

Service learning is a learning model that combines community with real-life problem solving. Here are 6 questions you should ask about this opportunity.

Former Dean of Admissions, Mount Mercy University

Volunteer Opportunities for Science and Health Majors

This is the time of the year when many people start preparing for the upcoming holidays and college students are dreaming of starting winter break. College and high school students can take advantage of this season by volunteering with local charities and other organizations on campus or in your hometown. Volunteering has many benefits whether you're applying to college or to a job.

Scholarship Search Strategist, College Prep Ready

The Top 10 Myths About Attending University in America

Many students who come to study in America have expectations about campus life shaped by television and movies, or by offhand comments from well-meaning friends and family. Here's the truth behind some of the most common myths.

Director, International Student Services, Pepperdine University

How Does Campus Life Differ at a Christian College?

While most colleges offer students a chance to explore issues of faith, a Christian college incorporates that process into their curriculum and sees that it is an obvious part of life on campus.

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How Do Transfers Get to Know Students on Campus?

Transferring seems scary at the thought of having to make new friends. But we have some expert advice for you on connecting with other students as a transfer.


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