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An Easy 7-Step Guide to Finding a Job After College

A successful job search takes time, a thorough exploration, and the proper tools, like a kick-butt resume and cover letter, and we're going to cover it all.

Freelance Writer

Types of College Internships and What They're Really Like

Interning isn't about being the office errand runner. Here are the many types of internships you'll find in college and what you may do as an intern.

Director, Office of Career and Professional Development, High Point University

Designing My Future on a Student-Run Fashion Show

Interested in a major and career in fashion? Read on for some advice from a current student who's already had a chance to show off her designs.

Student, Central Michigan University

5 Great Opportunities I Didn't Take in College That You Should

Your four years of college will be full of opportunities, so take it from someone who's been there and don't miss out on them. Here are a few examples!

Former Writer and Senior Editor, CollegeXpress

How Counselors Can Help Students Explore Majors and Careers

It can be hard for students to choose what academic field, and thus what job, to pursue. Here's how to help them figure out their major and career path.


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