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How to Fight for Your Credits: An Expert Look Into the Transfer Process

The transfer admission process requires a lot of advocating for yourself. Here's a look inside transferring credits and speaking up for what you’ve earned.

Project Manager, Carnegie Higher Education

5 Common Ways to Pay for Summer Classes and Graduate Sooner

Taking summer courses is a great way to get ahead and on your way to an exciting career you'll love. Here are some ways you can make it financially possible!

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5 Good Reasons You Should Take a Summer Class

Summer is finally here! While you may be tempted to take a full break from school, here are five good reasons why you should consider taking at least one class.

Group Marketing Manager, Cardinal Group Management

6 Important Pieces of the Transfer Admission Process

Transferring may seem hard, but one thing's for sure: These six things are extremely important to your admission process and success as a transfer student.

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Early College: Not Your Average High School Experience

If you had the chance to start high school and college at the same time, would you take it? It's possible with Early College programs. One student describes her experience of graduating high school with both a diploma and an associate degree!

CollegeXpress Student Writer

3 Things to Do to Ensure You Graduate College on Time

College life has bumps along the way you'll never anticipate. Here's some advice for making sure you stay on track and graduate on the right timeline.

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Transfer Troubles: 3 Ways to Prevent Credit Leakage

Transferring to a different college can be great for you, but many students lose credits in the process. Here's what you need to know to prevent credit leakage.

Editor, CollegeXpress

3 Things You Need to Graduate on Time as a Transfer

Worried about graduating in a traditional four-year time frame after transferring colleges? Just do these three things and you'll stay on the right track.

Assistant Director of Admission, Concordia University, St. Paul