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The Do's and Dont's of College Partying

Editorial Assistant, Carnegie Communications

If you find yourself at a college party, following these do's and don'ts can help you enjoy yourself and keep you safe. read more

Campus Life Q&A: Her Campus' Stephanie Kaplan Lewis on Tips for College Students

CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Her Campus

In our final Q&A with Her Campus cofounder Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, she shares some of her top pieces of advice for college life. read more

How Much Do College Students Drink? An Infographic


An infograhic from 12keysrehab.com presents some sobering statistics on drinking among college students. read more

Beware of Binge Drinking: An Infographic


Thanks to an infographic by onlineeducation.net, learn some statistics about binge drinking and how it affects college students. read more

Research on Risky Behaviors by First-Semester College Students


Research from Susquehanna University and SADD suggests that dialogue between parents and their first-year college students may be more important than ever. read more