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College Extracurriculars for Students Who Love Nature

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Florida State University

Ah, the great outdoors! Did you know there are college programs and clubs for that? Here's a look at outdoorsy options and how to find them on campus. read more

COVID-19 College Life: Climbing Uphill in 2020

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Oklahoma City University

We're all continuing to struggle with the uphill battle that is the 2020 pandemic. Here are some tips and reminders to keep you going as we close out the year. read more

3 Good Reasons You Should Never Skip Class

Site Editor, TechTarget

Skipping class may be tempting when you want to sleep in or hang with friends instead, but we have three really solid reasons why you should ignore the temptation and go to class. read more

Video: What to Expect When Entering College


The college journey can often feel like an expectation vs. reality meme. Get prepared for freshman year by learning what to expect from vlogger Jordan-Paige. read more

Graduating College Early: Is It in Your Best Interest?

CollegeXpress Student Writer, University of Houston

Some schools encourage students to finish their degrees early if possible, but is graduating early in your best interest? Here are some things to consider. read more

College in a Post-COVID-19 World: Counselor Q&A

Certified Educational Planner; Co-founder & President, One-Stop College Counseling

Get more insight on higher education changes during the coronavirus pandemic with another Q&A session from one of the CollegeXpress community's college planning experts. read more

It's Time to Tackle Your New Semester Goals

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Resolutions and goals aren't just for New Year's. Start spring semester off right with new goals you can set to benefit your learning and life. read more

Advice Beyond the Classroom: My First Semester

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Loyola University New Orleans

Student writer Zia just finished her first semester of college and wants to share her newfound wisdom to make your first semester the most successful it can be. read more

Important Lessons You Learn in College to Take to the Real World

Freelance Writer

Transitioning from college to adult life can be difficult for most people. So know that you're not alone and take these lessons with you as a reminder that you can make life what you want it to be--because there's no one way to live your best life! read more

How to Survive a Sorority: Tips for Before and After Joining

Freelance Writer

Joining a sorority is a big step for college students interested in Greek life. Are you ready for it? Here are some things to consider before rush this year. read more