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Financial Aid for Graduate School: What's Different This Time Around?

Freelance Writer

Financial aid isn't just for undergrads, but it's a little different for grad students. Here's what you should know about applying for financial aid in graduate school. read more

3 Ways to Avoid Procrastination

High School Student

It's tempting to put assignments off until the last minute. We tell ourselves, "I still have plenty of time. What's the rush?" and the next thing we know, the deadline is quickly approaching... read more

The 5 Types of College Application Deadlines


A basic breakdown of college application deadlines. 'nuff said. read more

Early Bird Gets the Worm? Early Decision vs. Early Action

Student, Urbana High School

Do you know the difference between Early Decision and Early Action? Hint: it's a big one! read more

3 College Application Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

Student, Emerson College

A veteran of the college search process shares some advice so you can steer clear of these three common roadblocks. read more

Navigating the Graduate School Application Process

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, Director of Graduate Enrollment Services, Marymount University

You found the perfect grad school . . . now you just have to apply. An admission expert shares her top four tips for doing so. read more

Being the Early Bird: Early Decision and Its Importance

CEO, LaMeire College Consulting

Like most variables in college admission, the Early Decision debate often produces more murkiness than clarity. Here, one admission expert streamlines the discussion and provides some transparent bits of advice, clarifying the process and preparing students for what awaits them. read more

What to Do When You Don't Get Accepted to Your Top-Choice School

Varsity Tutors Contributing Writer

In a perfect world, your college search will end with a big, fat envelope, signaling you've been accepted to your top school. But what if you don't get in? What next? read more

Preparing for College: The FAFSA

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Breathe. If you are a senior in high school all the college paperwork ahead of you may seem daunting, but you can do this. Below are tips to help handle the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA. Keep in mind you can re-apply for financial aid while you're in college too, so review these tips! read more