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5 Recent and Interesting College Admission Trends Students Should Know About

College admission sees unique trends every cycle that can be crucial for future applicants. Take note of these five recent trends for a great application.

College Counselor and Tutor, Moon Prep

Early Action vs. Regular Decision: Pros and Cons

Not sure whether to apply to college Early Action or Regular Decision? A high school senior offers the pros and cons of both admission options.

CollegeXpress Student Writer

The Top 5 College Application Deadlines You Need to Know About

Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision! There are so many choices for college application deadlines. Here's a breakdown of the top five you should know.


What Kind of Early Bird Are You? How to Choose a Nontraditional Admission Deadline

Does the early applicant really get admission? Here's a look at the difference between applying Early Action and Decision and how to choose one for you.

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Should I Apply to College Early Decision or Early Action?

Early Decision, Early Action, or Single-Choice Early Action? Each mean something entirely different. Find out which is right for you.

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