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Surviving Your College Search: A 5-Step Plan

In the college search, everyone says "the world is your oyster!" But what do you do when the oyster feels more like a blue whale? read more

CollegeXpress Student Writer

The College Search: An Open-Book Exam

The college search is like an open-book exam, and there are only five questions on it. Find out what they are now! read more

Dean of Admissions, Bucknell University

Pursuing an Arts Education

There has never been a better time to pursue an arts education. U.S. colleges and universities offer many fine programs that encompass the full range of creative disciplines. read more

Associate Provost of Enrollment Management, The University of the Arts

How to Narrow Down Your College Choices to a Top Handful

So you're looking at colleges, but how do you know which is the right one for you? Here's some of our best advice for narrowing down your college options. read more


How Do I Find the Right College for Me?

This is really the million-dollar question for college hopefuls. Read our expert advice here. read more

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4 Smart Steps to Start Your College Search

Deciding where to go to college isn't easy. But even if you've dreamed of going to a certain school your whole life, not checking out your other options can only do you a disservice. read more

Dean of Admission, Gonzaga University

How to Start Your College Search

Locating the "right" college--and there is almost certainly more than one "right" college--starts and ends with you! read more


Why Choose a Christian College?

To learn, to grow, to explore, to change the world read more

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Messiah College

Should You Attend a Christian College or University?

Should you attend a Christian college or university? This question has probably entered your mind more than once since you started your college search. If you have yet to consider it, then perhaps it's time you should. read more

Advertising and Communications Assistant, Simpson University