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Can I study science at a liberal arts college?

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Yes, nearly every liberal arts college will offer some majors in science disciplines and many offer interdisciplinary programs like biochemistry, neuroscience and/or environmental studies. Along with the science, you get a well-rounded exposure to other disciplines. read more

The Advantages of Going to a Public College or University

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Director of Admissions, University of Connecticut

Thinking about heading to a state school? Here are some good reasons why you should. read more

Navigating College Mailings: Form Letters, Brochures, and E-mails

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You no longer need to be scared of that stack of college letters and brochures! Well, except for paper cuts. read more

U.S. Graduate School Help for International Students

Executive Director of Enrollment; Director of International Students and Scholars; Queens College, City University of New York

Are you an international student considering a graduate degree in the United States? You're in good company...and you're about to get an inside look at how to achieve your goal. read more

Picking a College as a Homeschooler

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The college search process can seem intimidating at first, especially for us homeschoolers. How can you figure out which college is your future home away from home? read more

Perks of Searching Like a Wallflower

Student, Fairhaven High School

Those Perks of Being a Wallflower apply to your college search too. Who knew? read more

How to Pick Your Safety Schools

Student, Garfield High School

People are often dismayed when they end up going to one of their safety schools, but there is no reason to be if you choose your safety schools wisely. read more

What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Senior Year

Student, Urbana High School

You'll wish you knew them too... read more

Surviving Your College Search: A 5-Step Plan

Student, Brandeis University

In the college search, everyone says "the world is your oyster!" But what do you do when the oyster feels more like a blue whale? read more

The College Search: An Open-Book Exam

Dean of Admissions, Bucknell University

The college search is like an open-book exam, and there are only five questions on it. Find out what they are now! read more