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How I Find Scholarships: Real Student Stories and Advice

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CollegeXpress Student Writers

Students share their hard-earned advice for finding and winning college scholarships. read more

The Best Scholarship Search Sites, Books, and More

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Do you want to win a college scholarship? Lucky for you, there are literally billions of dollars in awards out there...and plenty of resources to help you find them. read more

Cinderella's College Search: How to Find Schools and Scholarships When Life Is Holding You Back


It's easy to feel Cinderella-like in your college journey: when you're facing tons of personal and financial obstacles, that far-off campus can seem as out of reach as a castle. read more

Financing Your American Education

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Lynn University

Right now, you are probably wondering how to go about obtaining financial aid and scholarships. The process can be somewhat complicated but certainly not impossible; if you are thorough in your preparation and careful about deadlines, you can enhance your chances for success. read more

Scholarship Secrets


Stressed about college costs? Don't panic--scholarship money is out there, you've just got to know where to find it. Here's how to start your scholarship search. read more

The Weirdest Scholarships...


You know about all the standard scholarships, but take a look at those you haven't heard of before. You might be surprised at what you'll find. read more