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College Friendships: Connections That Will Last a Lifetime


This story about Wells College alumnae meeting up in Mexico will give you all the feels (and make you cherish your present and future college friendships)! read more

5 College Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom

Freelance Writer

There are no college classes for character and self-respect. Those things can only be learned with experience, like these five life lessons. read more

4 Great Ways to Make Friends at College

CollegeXpress Student Writer

What's the college experience without the great friends to share it with? Here's some advice for making new friends in college and finding your people. read more

Go Greek! Or Don't: What I Learned by Joining (and Quitting) a Sorority

Student, Elmhurst College

An honest and straightforward account of one young woman's sorority experience. read more

Transferring Myths Series: Making Friends

Editor, Carnegie Communications

Transfer students don't graduate on time. Transfer students don't make as many friends on their new campuses. Transfer students have cooties. Nothing like a myth to scare you out of trying something new, right? read more

International Students Bring More Fun to Campus

Broadcast Journalism Major, Boston University

Students from other countries are coming to the United States for college now more than ever. During the 2010-2011 school year, over 70,000 students came from India and China individually, over 20,000 from Canada, and 5,000 or more from France, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Brazil each. Colleges in the United States are able to expand the diversity on their campuses through these impressive trends. read more