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Our Best Advice for Counselors and Consultants to Help Their Students

Even counselors and consultants need resources and guidance sometimes! Find all our best advice to better help your students in the college search here.


7 Important Times to Support Students During College Admission

As an independent educational consultant, your job is to help students with the college application process. Here are seven definite times to step in to assist.

Founder, College Mindset

Essential Advice for Hiring an Independent College Advisor

With high school counselors facing heavy caseloads, many families have turned to private college counselors. Here are some important considerations families should keep in mind before hiring one.

President and CEO, International College Counselor; Author

How Does Working With International Students Differ?

Although they're students just the same, there are extra steps and cultural considerations when working with international students. One expert weighs in.

Associate Director of Educational Directions, Inc.