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Should You Hire a College Consultant for Your Student?

Cofounder, Director of College Admissions Counseling, One-Stop College Counseling

If the recent admission scandal has you questioning college counselors, you're not alone. Read on for the facts about real college counselors and what to look out for. read more

Essential Advice for Hiring an Independent College Advisor

President and CEO, International College Counselor; Author

With high school counselors facing heavy caseloads, many families have turned to private college counselors. Here are some important considerations families should keep in mind before hiring one. read more

Meta-blogging and a Shameless Plug

Editor, Carnegie Communications

"Wise Like Us" is the blogging arm of private college advising firm CollegeWise, written by president and founder Kevin McMullin, who faithfully posts every day. He offers and points to great higher ed advice for students, parents, and even his compatriots in advising. read more

What is some of your advice for working with international students?

Associate Director of Educational Directions, Inc.

A good consultant must be sensitive to the culture of their prospective clients, not only so they can help these students find schools that will meet their needs, but also so that they can help them learn a little about American culture as they head off to school. read more

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