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The Top 6 Things You Should Do on College Move-In Day

CollegeXpress Student Writer, New York University

College move-in day is exciting, but there are some important things you may forget to do to set yourself up for a great year. Add these tasks to your list! read more

Moving for College: Your Ultimate Weekly Timeline and Checklist

Director of Strategic Solutions, TSI

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6 Tips for College Move-In Day (From a Student Who Just Finished Unpacking)

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Loyola University New Orleans

It's back to school again, and new college students are moving into their dorms across the country! Here are some tips to help make move-in day as easy as possible, from a student who knows what you should and shouldn't do. read more

Freshman Orientation Do's and Dont's

Student, Morehead State University

You can get a lot more out of going to your freshman orientation than a free t-shirt and lanyard. read more