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Profile of Denizen Magazine Founder Steph Yiu

Associate Producer, Boston Science Communications

Unsatisfied by the lack of editorial content focusing on the contemporary Third Culture Kid (TCK) experience, Steph Yiu took matters into her own hands when she graduated college. In 2008, she started Denizenmag.com, a diverse community of international contributors who have found a sense of home and companionship in a digital space. read more

International Students Bring More Fun to Campus

Broadcast Journalism Major, Boston University

Students from other countries are coming to the United States for college now more than ever. During the 2010-2011 school year, over 70,000 students came from India and China individually, over 20,000 from Canada, and 5,000 or more from France, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Brazil each. Colleges in the United States are able to expand the diversity on their campuses through these impressive trends. read more

What kinds of cultural clubs and organizations might I find at college?

Vice President and Dean of Admissions, Quinnipiac University

How does "everything" sound? You can usually find a list of clubs and organizations on a college website. read more