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Top 10 States That Will Need Nurses the Most by 2030

We need more great nurses in the world, but some places need them more urgently before they hit a shortage in 2030. Check out those top 10 states here.


Make a Difference by Majoring in Nursing

The demand for qualified nurses has never been higher. Here are just a few reasons more prospective students should consider a major in Nursing.

Retired Director of Public Relations, D'Youville College

Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Majors

No matter what your reason for wanting to be a nurse, you have probably done tons of research into the topic, found out more about the types of degrees that are available, and discovered all that you might expect while in nursing school... What's that? You haven't done all that research?! That's okay. You can start right now!

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What Different Specialty Nursing Career Paths Are There?

There are three particular nursing health specialties that aspiring nurses should consider. Read on to learn from one of our experts about these roles.