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Narrow Down Your College Choices


So you're looking at colleges. You want a school that's fun, affordable, and gives you the best education possible. But there's just one problem. Every college advertises itself as "Fun, affordable, and the best education." How do you know which is the right one for you? read more

Will joining a lot of clubs and activities boost my college application?

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Remember that quality of involvement is more important than quantity. Stick with activities that have always interested you, as most colleges can see through the applicant that pads their résumé, especially late in the game. read more

What should I do if my parents and I disagree about my college choices?

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It is quite common for students and their parents to disagree about the appropriate college choice. Think carefully what is most important to you as you start your college search. read more

How to Choose a College That's Right for You


Maybe you've already heard of education expert Loren Pope's best-selling book Colleges That Change Lives. If you haven't, consider this an introduction to an invaluable resource, including things to consider when searching for the perfect college. read more

Find a College You'll Love


If you're like most college-bound students, you want to get into the best school you possibly can. But too often, "best" means "most selective" instead of a place where you'll thrive academically and socially. read more

When and How to Apply for School


When is the best time to apply? Should you submit an optional essay? What about test scores? There is no single correct answer to these questions. Applying for college is as individualized as finding the right school. read more