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The Best Ways to Balance Academics and Socializing as a College Freshman

Starting college and settling into a new life and routine can be a lot, but finding balance is a huge part of the process. Here's some advice for freshman year.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Anderson University

How to Survive a Sorority: Tips for Before and After Joining

Joining a sorority is a big step for college students interested in Greek life. Are you ready for it? Here are some things to consider before rush this year.

Freelance Writer

11 Life and Finance Hacks for the Lazy-Smart College Student

As the popular saying goes: Work smarter, not harder. Here are 11 tips on maximizing your time, your wallet, and just about everything else in college.

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Benefits of Transferring

You fall back into a butterfly chair, exhausted from the anatomy exam you spent weeks prepping for. Kanye West emanates from the computer speakers, the mini-fridge buzzes, John Belushi in his College sweatshirt stares back at you from the poster hanging above your extra-long twin bed. You stare into your lava lamp, entranced by its mysticism and wonder, and you ask, Is this school the right place for me?

Director of Admissions, Becker College