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My Experience With IB Exams

CollegeXpress Student Writer

If you're in an IB program, you're probably nervous about the IB exam. Read about one of our student writer's experience with her IB tests. read more

Why AP Scores Don't Matter in College Admission

Director of SAT Programs, Veritas Prep

The first two weeks of May are when AP exams are administered across the country. Although these exams cause tremendous angst among high school teenagers, much of that fear is unfounded. AP exams are much less important to the college admissions process than most high school students, counselors, and parents think. read more

Language and Culture Majors and Potential Jobs

by and

Though the world and its peoples have been rather well documented, they still fascinate--and with good reason. Culture is intrinsic to the sense of self, and understanding others is essential in this extraordinarily global and interconnected society. read more