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The Christian College Code

Freelance Writer, Missouri Baptist University

Considering a Christian college or university but not really sure what it's like? Keep reading... read more

From Stressed to Blessed: How to Find Time for Your Faith as a Student

Student, Fairhaven High School

If you want to carve out more time for your spiritual life while in high school or college, here are some helpful suggestions. read more

The Advantages of Choosing a Christian College

Dir. of Marketing & Public Relations, Southwestern Assemblies of God University

A Christian student's college search is all about finding the right academic, social, and spiritual fit. Find the right school for you with this expert advice! read more

Catholic College Retreats: Part I

Editor, Carnegie Communications

When you hear the word "retreat," you might think of armies and losing battles. But for me, retreats will always mean spending a bonding weekend with friends. Not a vacation but not really work, retreats generally take students (or coworkers or other like-minded individuals) to a place removed from their harried everyday lives, giving them an opportunity to learn, reflect, and grow together. read more