The Top Four Objections to Scholarships

People freak out when I tell them they should apply for scholarships. Why would you hate on something so awesome--and more accessible than you realize?

People freak out when I tell them they should apply for scholarships. Before I've even finished my sentence they've buried me under at least 14 reasons why they couldn't possibly ever in their lifetime even dream of hoping to apply for a scholarship and that basically it's a lost cause forever and besides they hate scholarships.

So why do you hate scholarships?

Objection 1: "Applying for scholarships takes too much time! Hours and hours of my life gone forever!"

I know you're pretty much a grown up now, but let's go back to third grade math for a second here. You don't have time for scholarships. Okay, I get that. You're busy. You're working 20 hours a week.

Wait a second. You're working 20 hours a week, for, what, $8 an hour? Think about this.

Let's say you're a really great applier-for-scholarships (because you've read my e-book and know all of the secrets no one else does) and for every five hours you spend on scholarships, you win a $1000 scholarship. $1000/5= $200/hour. Nice. Even the President doesn't make that much.

Or, you could gripe that scholarships take too much time because you work some super important job. So to make the same amount of money, that's $1000/$8= 125 hours.

5 hours. 125 hours. And who is complaining about not having enough time, again?

Objection 2: "My geriatric three-legged cat has better grades than I do. I'll never get a scholarship."

While many scholarships do consider grades, there are huge numbers of scholarships that don't even take a sideways glance at grades—they're all about character, involvement in the community, life goals, and more. There are even scholarships specifically for students with low grade point averages. Scholarships aren't for perfect people. They're for real people.

Objection 3: "I promise, I totally looked for scholarships, like, at least once. There were none that applied to me."

That's because you weren't looking in the right place. Don't worry; you were probably looking in the spots "everyone" told you to, but "everyone" doesn't know everything. You need to look in the right spots, elsewhere and everywhere, and it’s easier than you think. (I mean, come on, did you know there are scholarships for tall people? There are scholarships out there for you!)

Objection 4: "I've applied for all kinds of scholarships, and I've never won even one. Scholarships are dumb."

Yeah, scholarships are pretty dumb if you apply for them in an equally thoughtless manner, which is basically like running down the sidewalk hollering that you need money. Not helpful. That's why you develop a strategy, know where to look for them, figure out how to apply, customize your application such that it blows the socks of the scholarship providers, and become an lean, mean, scholarship-winning, rolling-in-money machine. 

So stop hating on scholarships.

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Hannah Rivard, a 2012 summa cum laude graduate of Northwestern College (now the University of Northwestern, St. Paul) funded her entire $100,000 college education 100% through scholarships, immediately beginning a scholarship consulting business called Thousand Dollar Hour. Hannah keeps a blog, wrote a book, and speaks around the state helping other students do what she did and fund college through scholarships! Learn more at


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