Mar   2017



Video: The 5 Weirdest College Majors and Where to Find Them

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Sometimes, college is weird: Weird campus traditions. Weird scholarships. Weird college classes. And, oh yes, weird majors.

This video takes a look at five weird majors and the colleges and universities that offer them. Just to be clear: we mean “weird” in the best possible way!

PS If you want to learn more about college majors in general (both the weird and less weird), you’ll find tons of advice here!


Have you heard of any of these weird majors before? Do you know any that are weirder?! Leave a comment and let us know.

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Emily A. McKeon

Emily A. McKeon was raised in a small town on the Jersey Shore, located precisely between two major cities. This offered endless opportunities. On top of countless AP courses, she spends her time doing freelance editing and working on her own numerous works in progress. She is extremely excited to join the CollegeXpress team!

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