Christine Fader

Christine Fader

Christine Fader has worked as a career counselor at a leading Canadian university with a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate students since 1998 and was the editor of a campus best-selling résumé and cover letter book. A former coordinator of physician recruitment and medical school admission panelist, she has developed highly popular “Getting into Medical School” programs for students applying in Canada, the United States, and abroad. Christine’s educational background and personal experience with disability have kept her engaged with students and employers raising awareness about accessibility. In 2009, Christine wrote Career Cupid: Your Guide to Landing and Loving Your Dream Job, a vibrant, pink book with lots of humor and expert advice to help young women use the principles of dating to find a great career. Christine believes that college and career exploration should be meaningful, fun, and accompanied, whenever possible, by hot beverages and baked goods. More information about her at


How will my major affect my career?

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What kind of experience do employers look for in recent graduates?

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What is work-study?

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How manageable is holding a part-time job as a full-time student?

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When should I start planning for med school?

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What are the benefits of double majors?

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I'm having trouble adjusting to college life; what should I do?

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What is the GRE?

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