Jessica King

Jessica King is a contributing editor for Careers and Colleges magazine.


Finding Fun on Campus

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The Facts of Campus Life

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Types of Schools for Science and Engineering

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Top 10 Campus Visit Tips

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What is an Institute of Technology?

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10 Colleges That Went Green Before It Was Cool

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When and How to Apply to College

When's the best time to apply to college? Should you submit an optional essay or test scores? There's no one right answer to all these questions. See why here. read more

Examining Your Financial Health

You've graduated and are now a member of the real world. Congratulations! Welcome to the land of credit, debt, and personal financial responsibility. But what exactly is credit? How do you earn it? Is it even that important?read more

Music Conservatories

If you are a music-lover and cannot see yourself studying anything but notes on a page, you may want to look into more