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Christian Life Profile

Be Bold. Pursue Your Passion. Proclaim Christ.
If you are looking for a university that is bold about equipping outstanding professionals, bold about the Gospel, bold about Christ-centered community, and bold about affordability, Cedarville is the place for you!

A bold approach
It’s a rare university that offers a world-class educational experience in a vibrant, Christ-centered learning community. Cedarville gives you all that and then some!

Step onto our beautiful campus and join more than 3,700 students in a daily celebration of authentic faith. Build deep friendships, worship with joy, laugh and have fun, learn and live out truth.

Step up to the challenge of rigorous academics and achieve more than you ever imagined. Be challenged and transformed by professors who are experts in their fields and invest their lives at Cedarville to mentor and guide students like you.

Step into the future as a Cedarville graduate and get ready to do something great—truly great. Meet the future with confidence, determined to use your position and influence to change the world for Jesus Christ.

Rigorous academics
Christian students from around the world come to Cedarville’s beautiful campus. Founded in 1887, we have built a national reputation for rigorous, Christ-centered academic programs. More than two-thirds of our students study in the sciences, health-related majors, or professional programs—a statistic that sets us apart from other private and Christian colleges.

Every academic program is built upon a liberal arts core that includes biblical education, communications, global studies, humanities, physical education, science and mathematics, and the social sciences. Regardless of your career path, these classes prepare you to think critically, communicate effectively, and engage your world with the heart and mind of Christ.

Christ-centered focus
When you step onto Cedarville’s campus, you will sense the difference in the routine activities of the day—walking to class, grabbing a meal at the dining hall, or praying in chapel. Our love for God and unwavering commitment to Scripture define who we are, and it fills everything we do with a larger purpose.

We are one of only a few universities that holds a daily chapel service, has two-thirds of its students participate in a missions trip or ministry during their academic careers, and requires all students to earn a Bible minor.

If you’re committed to growing spiritually and desire to place Christ at the center of your life, then Cedarville is the place for you!

Well-rounded experience
“Satisfaction guaranteed”...that’s what our students have said about Cedarville in national surveys comparing 288 public and private institutions. Cedarville scored #1 in a number of categories: commitment to academic excellence and support, career services, intramural sports, computer labs, and weekend activities. Students gave Cedarville high marks for contributions to spiritual growth and faculty and staff involvement in processing faith-related issues.

Cedarville students value academic excellence and an intentional emphasis on spiritual development, delivered in a strong, supportive, and enjoyable community. Maybe that’s why Colleges of Distinction (collegesofdistinction.com) selected Cedarville University to join its ranks in 2015. This recognition is awarded to schools that provide innovative learning experiences such as research and study abroad, an active campus, and plenty of personal development opportunities.  

Intentional preparation
Cedarville invests in your future on day one. We provide the resources not only to choose a major and stay on track to achieve your goals but to find employment or get into graduate school after graduation. Cedarville University’s placement rates (including graduates who are working in discipline) consistently outperform national benchmarks. Of the 2015 graduating class, 97.2% were in jobs or graduate school within six months of commencement. One hundred percent of graduates from 63 of Cedarville’s 74 majors were hired or accepted into a master’s program. Even in challenging economic times, employers seek out Cedarville graduates for their academic preparation, work ethic, and character.