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Christian Life

Christian Life Profile

1,000 Days Bolder. Wiser. Closer to Christ.

As an undergraduate student at Cedarville, you’ll spend roughly 1,000 days on our campus, surrounded by Christian friends and godly, mentoring faculty. We’ll encourage you to make the most of every one of those 1,000 days.

bold approach
It’s a rare university that offers a world-class educational experience in a vibrant, truly Christian learning community. Cedarville gives you all that and then some! Step onto our beautiful campus and join over 4,000 students in a daily celebration of authentic faith. Build deep friendships, worship with joy, laugh and have fun, learn and live out truth. Step up to the challenge of rigorous academics and achieve more than you ever imagined. Be challenged and transformed by professors who are experts in their fields and invest their lives at Cedarville to mentor and guide students like you. Step into the future as a Cedarville graduate and get ready to do something great—truly great. Meet the future with confidence, determined to use your position, and influence to change the world for Jesus Christ.  

Biblical worldview
With a Bible minor built into all undergraduate programs and biblical integration in every course, Cedarville is driven by an unwavering commitment to the inerrancy and authority of Scripture. You’ll learn the Gospel and be challenged to live and share it. 

If you’re committed to growing spiritually and desire to place Christ at the center of your life, then Cedarville is the place for you! 

Comprehensive academics
Few Christian universities can match the breadth and quality of Cedarville’s program mix. Choose from the liberal arts or the professions, undergraduate or graduate, residential or online—more than 150 sought-after programs are available.

Every academic program is built upon a liberal arts core that includes biblical education, communications, global studies, humanities, physical education, science and mathematics, and the social sciences. Regardless of your career path, these classes prepare you to think critically, communicate effectively, and engage your world with the heart and mind of Christ. 

Worship and community
Truly like nowhere else, our daily chapel is the heartbeat of our campus community. Students, faculty, and staff gather each weekday for dynamic worship and powerful teaching. Chapel is what makes Cedarville feel like family and is the top-rated experience on campus!

When you step onto Cedarville’s campus, you will sense the difference in the routine activities of the day—walking to class, grabbing a meal at the dining hall, or praying in chapel. Our love for God and unwavering commitment to Scripture define who we are, and it fills everything we do with a larger purpose. 

Return on investment
Cedarville invests in your future from day one. We provide the resources not only to choose a major and stay on track to achieve your goals but to find employment or get into graduate school after graduation. 

You’ll emerge from Cedarville prepared to succeed in a highly competitive professional environment—our 98.3% placement rate affirms that success! More importantly, you’ll be equipped to make a Gospel impact through your vocation wherever God calls.


98.3% of 2018 Cedarville grads are employed or in grad school within 6 months of completing their degree.


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