Soka University of America

Aliso Viejo, CA

Soka University of America

Aliso Viejo, CA

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Undergrad Diversity

If you want to make a difference, start from a totally different place: Soka University of America.

Mission Statement: The mission of Soka University of America is to foster a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life. — Daisaku Ikeda, Founder, SUA 

Soka was founded upon the belief that student-centered education is the type of education this world needs. We focus on preparing you to think globally simply by giving you a broad, humanistic perspective on the world.

A new university for a new millennium
Soka means “to create value.” In May 2001, a new 103-acre campus in Aliso Viejo, California, was dedicated to provide a distinctly different college education—one that is student centered, fosters a love of humankind, and inspires contribution to society.

Our founder, Daisaku Ikeda, said, “What our world most requires now is the kind of education that fosters love for humankind, that develops character—that provides an intellectual basis for the realization of peace and empowers learners to contribute to and improve society.” 

The nonsectarian undergraduate curriculum is rooted in the liberal arts to give you the critical-thinking skills, creativity, flexibility, and adaptability to succeed in an ever-changing world. About half of our students come from 40 other countries, so cultural perspectives are woven into our courses. Everyone studies a non-native language, and you will spend a semester abroad during your junior year—it’s included in tuition (as is your laptop!).

Our average class size is 12. Our curriculum is rigorous. Our students are activists, intellectuals, peace keepers, pioneers, and active dreamers. Are you one of these students? Are you ready for a Soka education?

Students at Soka are on their way to earning a BA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Environmental Studies, Humanities, International Studies, or Social and Behavioral Sciences. Within each concentration, students can pursue what they are passionate about without being confined to the borders of their discipline. We practice an interdisciplinary approach to learning, one that is more reflective of global thinking; academic disciplines no longer stand alone. Once our students mark a concentration, they are encouraged to explore that particular discipline more profoundly with small seminar-style classes, faculty-directed research, field studies, local and overseas internships, and their capstone project. 

Environmental Studies: Environmental Economics, Environmental Philosophy, Environmental Policy and Planning, and Environmental Science

Humanities: Art History, History, Literature, Music History, Philosophy, and Religion

International Studies: Development, Economic Trends, (Regional and National), Global Studies and Third-World Countries, and Human Rights

Social and Behavioral Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology

Life Sciences (Pre-health available): Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics for Life Science. 

Where in the world would you like to go?
Study abroad is required at Soka. The world needs you to explore it, touch it, and interact with it. We believe that students should know at least one foreign language as a window into another culture, its values, and its distinct ways of thinking. Here we offer Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish. We want you to start thinking globally and, more than that, thinking globally in a foreign language. Often this experience is quoted as being the most life changing of students’ experiences here. Our students come back changed, affected, and renewed in their passion for global awareness and ready to start their work for the world.

Residence halls: safe, spacious, scenic
• Private bathroom for each room
• Intranet and internet access for each student
• Cherrywood twin bed, desk, armoire (closet), and bookcase provided for each student
• Exercise rooms and living rooms
• Multi-faith rooms
• ID card security access
• Indoor bicycle storage
• Free parking
• Spectacular views from both inside and outside 


Soka University of America is located on 103 acres in Aliso Viejo, in south Orange County, California. Three miles from the coast, SUA is in the heart of Southern California’s abundance of cultural, educational, sporting, and adventure opportunities.

At A Glance

Soka is a private, nonprofit, nonsectarian, four-year liberal arts college one hour south of Los Angeles.

Mission: To foster a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life

Areas of Study: Eastern and Western thought meet on our campus; they are taught across a broad liberal arts
• Environmental Studies
• Humanities
• International Studies
• Life Sciences
• Social and Behavioral Sciences

Study Abroad: Required; choose from 35 cities.

Enrollment: 450 students

Student-Faculty Ratio: 8:1

Average Class Size: 12

International Students: 40%, from 50 countries; six continents represented

Technology: Students receive a laptop (which they can take with them after they graduate) and have over 3,800 on-campus network connections to choose from. The campus hotspots are wireless.

2023–2024 Tuition: $34,382
Living Expenses: $13,892

Financial Aid: Students whose total family earned income is less than $90,000 per year are eligible to have their full tuition covered with a Soka Opportunity Scholarship (SOS). SUA also provides prorated SOS awards for students who come from higher income levels. Visit to learn more.

Application Deadlines: 
Early Action: November 1
Regular admission: January 15

Apply now at



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