Salve Regina University

Newport, RI

Salve Regina University

Newport, RI

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At Salve Regina University, our capacity for compassion and service unite our campus pursuit of a more just and merciful world.

Irish Catholic laywoman Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831 to advance a new, active form of religious life where sisters take a vow of service to the poor, the sick and the uneducated. The vocational commitments and the charism of the Sisters of Mercy continue to form the mission of Salve Regina today.

Spanning the United States is a network of universities and secondary and elementary schools sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, who are assisted in their ministry by well-qualified lay faculty, staff and administrators. Outstanding among these institutions is Salve Regina, which welcomed its first class of 58 students in 1947.  

Since that time, faculty and administration have prepared students for active roles within a global society. The rigorous course of study integrates responsible citizenship and public service, while the interconnection of academic programs forms a stable foundation for students to reflect and learn within the context of mercy values.

As Salve Regina grows, it remains firmly rooted in the heritage of its rich past. The vision which energized the Sisters of Mercy at the University's founding remains the same today: Salve Regina, a Catholic university of distinction, will graduate men and women who positively impact the intellectual, spiritual and cultural life of their respective communities and work for a world that is harmonious, just, and merciful.


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Salve Regina’s Mission

As a community that welcomes people of all beliefs, Salve Regina University, a Catholic institution founded by the Sisters of Mercy, seeks wisdom and promotes universal justice. The University, through teaching and research, prepares men and women for responsible lives by imparting and expanding knowledge, developing skills and cultivating enduring values. Through liberal arts and professional programs, students develop their abilities for thinking clearly and creatively, enhance their capacity for sound judgment, and prepare for the challenge of learning throughout their lives. In keeping with the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy, and recognizing that all people are stewards of God’s creation, the University encourages students to work for a world that is harmonious, just and merciful.

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “Would I do it all over again? Definitely. Because every experience has brought me to this point—everything that happened at Salve, everything that I learned, and everything that I’m learning now. I couldn’t be more grateful for my time at Salve.”

    • Noe Mercado ’14
      medical researcher fighting to find a coronavirus vaccine
  • “If I hadn’t jumped into all that Salve offered, I wouldn’t be in the position that I am as someone with only two years of experience in a position that usually requires 10 years of experience. You’ll find professors that are going to really help you excel.”

    • Thomas Wagner ’18, ’19 (MS)
      cyber security officer at Lockheed Martin
  • “A lot of the classes and the focus was, ‘How can we teach you to be a global citizen—what it means to be human?’ I formed my teaching values, and that’s something that I can directly attribute to my time at Salve.”

    • Leeanne Soprano ’13
      Spanish teacher in Rhode Island
  • “I’ve mentored students at big universities, and their entire academic schedule is devoted to science. At Salve, I took courses in philosophy and literature, and I was introduced to other conversations like environmental justice. It helped me become a complete student.”

    • Dr. Gabrielle Corradino ’11
      interior climate science fellow with National Geographic