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Bremen, GE

Jacobs University

Bremen, GE

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Located in northern Germany, Jacobs University is one of the country’s most inspiring universities, where students from all over the world study in a diverse, stimulating, and rigorous research environment. 

Founded in 2001, the private English-speaking university has more than 1,400 students from over 100 countries who currently find their home away from home on its residential campus.

By providing an education that transcends disciplines and cultural boundaries, Jacobs University prepares the leaders of tomorrow to responsibly meet global challenges.

Program overview
Jacobs University is a research-oriented, state-accredited university with a broad portfolio of pre-degree, undergraduate, and graduate programs ranging from the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering to the Social Sciences and Economics.

The Foundation Year is a tailor-made, one-year preparatory program. Students can use this year for orientation and skill building. The undergraduate programs prepare students for a successful academic and professional career in three years. Students have the option to pick their own majors and minors and combine different subjects and fields of study.

Teaching and learning
At Jacobs University, the student-faculty ratio is a low 14:1, meaning faculty members are able to effectively mentor and advise each student. Students are actively involved in research from their first year of study while having access to modern lab facilities and state-of-the-art technology.

An interdisciplinary approach is one of the core elements of a Jacobs University education. Study modules cover various aspects of academic fields, reflecting the complex nature of interconnected topics and global challenges.

The University’s reputation speaks for itself, with consistently high rankings achieved in Germany’s widely respected Centre for Higher Education (CHE) and the international U-Multirank.

Living on campus
Jacobs University is a residential university that unites living and learning on an 80-acre green, tree-shaded campus. Students live in one of four residential colleges consisting of modern two-bedroom apartments with shared bathroom facilities. Each college has its own study areas, group meeting rooms, and recreational lounges, as well as its own cafeteria.

Jacobs University offers many social and cultural activities for students outside the classroom. The variety of student-driven events during the year ranges from cultural festivals such as Deepawali Festival of Lights and Lunar New Year to educational events such as Country Information Days—all hallmarks of its vibrant campus community.

In addition, the availability of a variety of student clubs, ranging from arts to sports to community groups, provides further opportunity to foster students’ development of interpersonal and intercultural competencies.

Academic life is further enhanced by various campus facilities, including a fitness center and indoor rowing tank, dance rooms, the campus Interfaith House, the Cinema, the Music Lab, and TheaterSpace.

Career opportunities
Jacobs University offers outstanding career opportunities worldwide. Graduates of Jacobs University follow a variety of professional and academic career paths all over the world. Google, Microsoft, Roche, KPMG, Daimler, and Amazon are among the top 10 employers of our alumni.

Events such as the annual Career Fair and Homecoming Career Symposium offer networking opportunities to students by bringing global, national, and local companies and institutions to Jacobs University. In addition, multinational players such as Facebook, Microsoft, AB InBev, EON, McKinsey, Accenture, and Roche conduct special recruiting events directly on campus.

Many students also choose to pursue further graduate or professional studies at some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Oxford, and Cambridge.


Type of School: Jacobs University is a private English-speaking university offering the highest standards of research and teaching.

Size of Campus: The 80-acre campus houses approximately 60,300 square feet of laboratory space and four residential colleges.

Number of Students: Approximately 1,400

Number of Faculty: More than 100 professors and lecturers provide individualized assistance, as each student is assigned a faculty member to act as their personal academic advisor.

Colleges, Programs, and Degrees: Foundation Year Program (one-year preparatory program)

16 three-year undergraduate programs: Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BSc), Chemistry (BSc), Computer Science (BSc), Earth and Environmental Sciences (BSc), Electrical and Computer Engineering (BSc), Global Economics and Management (BA), Industrial Engineering and Management (BSc), Integrated Social Sciences (BA), Intelligent Mobile Systems (BSc), International Business Administration (BA), International Relations: Politics and History (BA), Mathematics (BSc), Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (BSc), Medical Natural Sciences (BSc), Physics (BSc), Psychology (BA)

Geographic Diversity: Students from over 100 countries attend Jacobs University (approximately 75% international students).

International Student Services: Orientation Week, campus activities, student advisors, Student Services Center, Counseling and Intercultural Services, academic advising, Student Records Office, Student Financial Services, Campus Jobs Office, Career Services Center, Host Family Program

Student Budget:
• Undergraduate programs: $23,300 (20,000 EUR) per academic year
• Room and board: $7,000 (6,000 EUR) per nine-month academic year
• Other fees: $630 (540 EUR)
Please check current Euro exchange rates for accurate fees.

Financial Aid: Individualized financial aid packages involving grants, scholarships, and tuition deferrals assist qualified applicants for undergraduate programs in commencing their studies at Jacobs University. =

Application Deadlines and Fees:
Early Decision: November 1
• Early Action: December 1
• Early Action II: February 1
• Rolling admission:
   – Students who require a visa to study in Germany: June 1
   – EU students and students who do not require a visa: July 20
• No application fee

“It is one place where people from all over the world live and work together, and prove every day that gender, race, religion, and so on aren’t reasons to stand in the way of cooperation.”
— Lida-Maria Lottko
 Jacobs University Alumna 

• 77% live in Europe (41% in Germany).
• 94% are employed or pursuing graduate studies.
• 90% would recommend the University to others.

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