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Waynesburg, PA

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Extraordinary growth leads to extraordinary things

At Waynesburg University, you'll take classes that emphasize the knowledge, skills, and competencies required for successful teaching in a 21st-century classroom. Your studies will focus on research-based, developmentally appropriate instructional practices. Field experiences are integrated with coursework beginning your freshman year. You can specialize in Early Childhood Education, Middle Level Education, or Secondary Education with a focus on Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, or English.

But what makes Waynesburg truly special is that academics aren’t just about class—they’re the foundation for a culture of growth, championed through academic excellence and personalized guidance that nurtures your mind, spirit, and future. 

Grow through service
While guiding students in the development of specific skills and talents, Waynesburg also provides opportunities to apply and sharpen them through service. In fact, students, faculty, and staff spend approximately 50,000 hours each year working to improve the lives of others. Service opportunities include service learning courses, international and domestic mission trips, the Bonner Program, and personal service initiatives, among others.

Grow in grace
Waynesburg helps students develop academically and professionally on the foundation of faith. Students may choose to practice their faith every Tuesday at chapel, in their classes, in prayer or Bible study groups, through their artwork, while they’re serving others, or in their own individual ways.

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COD badge

Waynesburg University is a 2023-2024 College of Distinction and has received specialized recognition for its education field of study.

The WU advantage: Practical experience

At Waynesburg University, you'll have the opportunity to start teaching in a classroom as early as your freshman year. We provide countless opportunities to apply what you learn. As a student in the Department of Education, you'll learn classic theories of learning alongside modern pedagogical strategies. You'll spend a semester in a local classroom where you’ll gain invaluable experience for your teaching career.

The Department of Education at Waynesburg University is accredited for its Elementary Education, Elementary/Middle Level Education, and Secondary Education programs through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • "Waynesburg has allowed me to grow through my faith, athletics, and academics. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of the Waynesburg community.”

    • Hannah Sembower ’20
  • "Waynesburg was the best fit for me to spend my four years of college. The professors and other campus staff truly cared and demonstrated that. The relationships I made with peers shaped me into a better person, and my faith grew more than I could’ve imagined. These opportunities allowed me to become a better version of myself, and I’m thankful for my time as a Yellow Jacket! WU is more than a school or university; it’s home away from home.”

    • Jordyn Wyllie ’18