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Concordia University Irvine’s School of Education spans from an undergraduate Liberal Studies major to a doctorate in Leadership. To be a master educator, you must first be a master learner. For this reason, it is our mission to empower students for a life of teaching, learning, and service to the community. A life of learning not only begins here, but continues throughout your career, as we strive to provide ongoing professional development for our alumni and network of educators.

Preparing professional educators has always been at the core of the School of Education. We provide a pathway for people who want to experience growth and ignite curiosity. Here you will thrive in today’s world—and shape tomorrow’s.

Becoming a Professional Educator

Liberal Studies
Undergraduate Education
Teaching can be an incredibly rewarding career where you have the opportunity to develop a child’s ability to think and wonder. Concordia’s Elementary Subject Matter Preparation Program will prepare you to teach elementary school children by giving you a broad foundation in a variety of subject areas. Students interested in teaching secondary education or high school can choose from 9 majors at CUI in the subject matter they are interested in teaching.

Our Lutheran Teaching Program is also an option for those looking to teach in Lutheran schools at either the elementary or secondary level.

Teacher Credential Program
Post-baccalaureate Education
Our Teacher Credential Program prepares highly qualified teachers for success in the classroom by offering the following post-baccalaureate programs: Single Subject Credential, Multiple Subject Credential, Education Specialist: Mild-Moderate Teaching Credential, Clear Induction Credential Programs, and a Combined Credential & Master of Education (MEd) Program.

Master of Arts in Education
Graduate Degree Programs
Our graduate education degree programs are practical, accessible and relevant to the classroom. We offer a Master of Arts in Education (MAED) with the following emphases: Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Administration, Educational Technology, and School Counseling. Faculty members are committed to guiding students who will make a positive impact on their professions.

Doctor of Education (EdD)
The integrated doctoral curriculum focuses on theory and applied research in leadership and guides students through the dissertation process as they complete their coursework. Focus your studies in one of our three specializations: Educational Administration, Organizational Change, and Special Education. Choose between a fully online delivery or a hybrid of face-to-face and online—both formats offer flexible, convenient scheduling designed to fit into the busy lives of educators.



CUI & you
At Concordia University Irvine, we understand that you are many things: you may be a scholar & a seeker, an athlete & a musician, an artist & a scientist, a leader & a learner. We are a place that values those—and many other—&s.

We believe that & is an important intersection—a place for youto identify your passions & begin to understand where they meet the world’s needs. As a Lutheran Christian university, we call that a vocation or calling & we know that you have more than one.

At CUI, we’ll prepare you for those callings in your life through the many &s we offer.

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