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New York, NY

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An MMC Business degree will teach you to lead as well as collaborate, to analyze and communicate, and to think globally, behave ethically, and apply theoretical concepts to solve real world problems.

At MMC, “college” and “career” go hand-in-hand. Our location on New York City’s Upper East Side means that you’re never more than a few steps or subway stops from Wall Street, Broadway, Museum Mile, the United Nations, and major TV networks. CityEdge is a shared set of concentrated experiences that provide you with expanded opportunities for career exploration and readiness while deepening your immersion in NYC—the global capital for the arts, media, commerce, finance, fashion, research, technology, and education.

Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) is a private four-year, coeducational, nonsectarian college located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, offering outstanding programs in the liberal arts and sciences, business, communications and media arts, and the performing arts. 

Founded in 1936 by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (RSHM) as an urban extension of Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York, the College became independent in 1961 and coeducational and nonsectarian in 1971, and currently enrolls approximately 2,000 full- and part-time students. Drawn to MMC’s strong academic tradition and the rich ethnic and cultural diversity that makes New York the most cosmopolitan of international cities, students attend MMC from 48 states and 50 countries around the world. 

MMC is recognized for its small classes, personalized academic offerings, committed academic advisors, and outstanding faculty. With 31 major fields of study and more than 40 minors and pre-professional programs to choose from, students at MMC are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century. They gain the practical skills of communicating ideas, solving problems, and seeing broader points of view that are essential in successfully navigating an ever-changing and increasingly demanding work environment. 

Students at MMC can customize their bachelor’s degrees to find the programs that are right for them. If students have several different interests and skills, they are encouraged to sample from a wide variety of discipline-based foundation courses and advanced disciplinary courses or pursue the Liberal Studies Program for a broad base of knowledge. All students are assigned a faculty advisor for individual guidance in degree planning, graduate school preparation, and career options. 

Your career begins on day one at Marymount Manhattan 
CityEdge, MMC’s unique four-year college-to-career program, gives every student a personalized liberal arts education combined with exciting career development opportunities in the heart of New York City. A city-infused curriculum, research opportunities, internships, community engagement experiences, and career mentorships are just a few of the advantages students receive from the CityEdge program.

To get you off on the right foot, you will take a New York City Seminar. This special seminar for first-year students is your first taste of education in a city rich with professional opportunities. You’ll join classmates from your major in a small experiential class that immerses you into the city. Recent course titles include Business in NYC, New York’s Literary Women, The Galleries of New York, New York’s Artists, and Social Change in the City.

Financing your education
With approximately 95% of the student body receiving some form of financial aid, MMC awards scholarships using a variety of criteria, including academic achievement and demonstrated leadership. All students are encouraged to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to possibly qualify for government grants, loans, and other MMC monies for which they may be eligible. MMC has a priority deadline of March 15 for fall entrants and December 15 for spring entrants. 

The best of both worlds
MMC is comprised of nearly 2,000 students in a city of nine million people. The College offers small classes and an 11:1 student-faculty ratio while having all the resources of New York City at its fingertips. Students are drawn to MMC for its strong academic reputation, outstanding faculty, and beautiful campus on the Upper East Side. MMC offers two residence halls: Cooper Square, located in the bustling East Village neighborhood, and 55th Street, located in Midtown Manhattan just 16 short blocks to MMC. MMC’s residence halls are a short subway ride to the main campus and a quick walk to iconic theatres and performance spaces, great restaurants, and rich cultural attractions. Amenities include a fitness center, student lounge, bicycle storage room, and a beautiful wrap-around terrace. 

MMC’s Division of Communication and Media Arts recently underwent a major makeover, installing a state-of-the-art Digital Media Production Studio equipped with a TV control room, TV studio, and audio recording facility. These spaces mirror national news production studios, offering students significant experiential learning opportunities.

Why Study Business at MMC?

Look beyond the numbers. An MMC Business degree will teach you to lead as well as collaborate, to analyze and communicate, and to think globally, behave ethically, and apply theoretical concepts to solve real world problems.

We designed our Business program especially for students who want to combine other interests—art, design, performance, fashion, or social good—with entrepreneurial skills and savvy. Our five unique concentrations make the program highly customizable. You’ll prepare for a range of careers, from theatre and nonprofit administration to marketing management and human resources. You might even start your own business.

Business programs
Accounting | MINOR
Advertising and Promotion | CONCENTRATION
Arts Management | MINOR
Business | MAJOR
Business Management | MINOR
Entrepreneurship | MAJOR
Fashion Marketing | CONCENTRATION
Fashion Studies | MINOR
Finance | MAJOR
International Business | MAJOR
Management | MAJOR
Marketing | MAJOR
Media and Arts Management | CONCENTRATION
Music Industry | MINOR
Social Entrepreneurship | CONCENTRATION

Spend a summer in Manhattan with MMC!

At the heart of Marymount Manhattan College is New York City creativity. But like everything else at MMC, our New York City creativity goes beyond the expected: it infuses everything we do. Our students aren’t lost in some giant lecture hall. Instead, they’re figuring out new ways to help local kids who have speech impediments. They’re choreographing their own dance pieces that weave together ideas of identity, language, and belonging. They’re exploring how the sounds of the city affect their classmates’ moods. We believe that if we nurture our students’ creativity, they will have the ability to find purpose, and adapt and grow throughout their lives. Our Summer Academy offers a range of one or two week-long pre-college programs designed to introduce students to the college environment, to challenge them academically, and to offer a glimpse into the boundless opportunity of a college career in the world’s greatest city.

2022 Intensives
• Musical Theater Intensives I (from 06/26 to 07/08) & II (from 07/10 to 07/28)
• Fashion Marketing Intensive (from 07/10 to 07/16)
• New York City Ecosystem (from 07/17 to 07/23)

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “My internship experience while at MMC was invaluable and certainly helped me get my start in the financial industry. A week after graduating with a BS in International Business and an Economic minor, I joined UBS in their Wealth Management division.”

    • Tamaki Kern '16
      BS in International Business and minor in Economics
  • “During my summer internship, I worked on analyzing currency risk exposure, hedging activities, and presenting macroeconomic projections for Granberg AS. I also conducted marketing research by creating in-depth questionnaires, collecting responses, and utilizing SPSS software to evaluate and present results and suggestions on which direction the company should take in the future.”

    • Gabriel Skaarland '16
      BS in Finance and International Business
  • “The amazing classes taught by brilliant professors gave me the knowledge needed to step into a full-time role at a company. Furthermore, the fact that the college was in NYC made me independent, courageous, and open-minded.”

    • Sofija Gligorov '13
      Major in International Business and Economics
  • “The musical theater intensive program was the highlight of my summer. I made many new friends from all over the world despite the virtual setting who’ve continued to help me through the audition season.”

    • Summer Academy Student
  • “Christine Riley and Emily Clark provided us with valuable training, emphasizing the importance of telling a story through song and dance. This program solidified my passion for theater, and helped tremendously when it came to preparing audition materials. I loved every minute of it!”

    • Summer Academy Student