Houston Baptist University

Houston, TX

Houston Baptist University

Houston, TX

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If all your degree does is get you a job, you’ve missed an opportunity. We believe you have an important role to play in the world, so every aspect of our student experience is designed to prepare you to succeed not only in your career but in life. It’s why we are committed to providing a higher education that combines cutting-edge scholarship with the wisdom provided by a Christian foundation.

A community of faith, friends, and scholarship
At Houston Baptist University, you will join a diverse community of students who share your values and a core curriculum designed to help you think critically, creatively, and ethically—all of which are keys to success no matter your chosen field. Through learning communities, student organizations, and other campus activities, you will foster meaningful and long-lasting relationships. Small classes with faculty who know you personally and are committed to your success will help you thrive at HBU.

Culture of excellence 
All across campus—from the classroom to the Residence College—you will be challenged to deepen your faith, develop your leadership skills, and cultivate a sense of civic duty. You will learn from and collaborate with our nationally acclaimed cadres of scholars and ministry leaders. In seeking answers to the questions that have defined the human experience, you will engage with great thinkers of history and study works that have stood the test of time.

Honors College
The Honors College experience is carefully crafted for students who are serious about their intellectual, social, and spiritual growth. Students and faculty unite in a search for wisdom that surpasses a simple accumulation of facts through an enhanced general education program. The combination of challenging scholarship and significant faculty mentoring is excellent preparation for prestigious graduate and professional schools. 

A great education at a great value
Despite rising tuition across the country, HBU has kept its tuition well below the national average for private four-year universities. Add generous scholarships, grants, and other financial aid, and you’re all set for an education that will reward you for the rest of your life. 


Fast Facts
• Quality Christian education
• One of the most ethnically diverse Christian universities in the western United States
• A world-class city
• Highest level of intercollegiate athletics
• Honors College
• 2,300 undergraduates
• 90% of students receiving financial aid
• 70+ student clubs and organizations
• 16:1 student-faculty ratio
• 100% of classes led by faculty, not teaching assistants

Ranked among:
• Top 25 Best Colleges for Homeschool Graduates (TheBestSchools.org)
• Top five Best Colleges for Studying the Bible (TheBestSchools.org)
• Best Seriously Protestant Schools (First Things)
• 25 Most Beautiful Christian Colleges and Universities (ChristianUniversitiesOnline.org)
Fifth for Campus Ethnic Diversity in Western Universities (U.S. News & World Report)

• Accounting
• Allied Health
• Art Education
• Art Therapy
• Biblical Languages
• Biblical Studies
• Bilingual Elementary Education
• Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Christianity
• Cinematic Arts
• Classics
• Composite Social Studies 4-8
• Composite Social Studies 8-12
• Computer Science
• Criminal Justice
• Cyber Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Elementary Education with Special Education & ESL
• English
• English/Language Arts with ESL
• Finance
• Graphic Design
• Great Texts
• History
• History (7-12) with ESL
• Interactive Media & Digital Design
• Interdisciplinary Studies
• International Business
• Kinesiology (Education)
• Kinesiology-Wellness Management
• Latin
• Legal Studies
• Life Science (7-12) with ESL
• Management
• Marketing
• Mass Media Arts
• Math Studies with ESL
• Mathematics
• Medical Humanities
• Music
• Music Education
• Music Performance—Keyboard
• Music Performance—Organ
• Music Performance—Piano
• Music Performance—Voice
• Music Theater
• Nursing
• Philosophy
• Physical Science (7-12) with ESL
• Physics
• Political Science
• Practical Theology
• Psychology
• Spanish
• Spanish—Teacher Certification
• Sports Management
• Studio Art
• Studio Art (BFA)
• Theological Studies
• Undecided
• Writing 

Pre-professional Programs
• Pre-dentistry
• Pre-engineering
• Pre-law
• Pre-medicine
• Pre-optometry
• Pre-pharmacy
• Pre-physical Therapy
• Pre-physician Assistant

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