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Global Project and Change Management

Do you want to change the world and are looking for an international challenge? Are sustainability, human rights, global health, social responsibility, global warming, civil society, and advocacy for minorities topics you care about? Do you want to contribute personally and professionally to a better world? In the bachelor’s Business Administration program taught at Windesheim Honours College, called Global Project and Change Management, we teach you how you can make a difference. 

Windesheim is in the top three of broad-based Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands; we are highly ranked by both students and experts. Students appreciate our personal approach that allows them to work in small teams. Our lecturers are coaches as well, challenging students to reflect and think critically and get the best out of themselves. Windesheim Honours College is a faculty within Windesheim. Our BBA program is taught in a unique educational setting. Traditionally, research universities focus on thinkers and applied science universities focus on doers. We focus on both: we want you to become a critical thinker at an academic level, but we also expect you to apply the knowledge you have gained.

In our program, we combine theory, practice, project management, business, and research with global issues. The program consists of courses, real projects, an international internship, and personal and professional career counseling. In the end, you’ll know how to lead a project team and how to put innovative ideas to practice. You’ll become a changemaker, able to create sustainable value for society.

Our curriculum
In Year 1 and 2, we lay the basis for your future profession as Project Manager in different theoretical courses. In addition, you will start to work right away on an actual project with real clients throughout both years. We’ll take your project management skills to a professional level with courseslike Advanced Project Management and Project Teams & Leadership.

You’ll start Year 3 with the honors minor: Managing Projects in a Globalized World. Two days per week are spent working on a project at an organization (the client). The other three days are reserved for intensive training, workshops, and master classes from experts in the field. The second half of Year 3 is dedicated to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, like gender equality, no poverty, climate action, and peace and justice. In this semester, you’ll have the opportunity to “Create Value” on one of these goals. In what way? That’s up to you. We believe in the responsibility and accountability of our students and will give them support to develop themselves and deepen their knowledge on topics they choose themselves.

You’ll start Year 4 with either another semester as a “Value Creator” or follow electives (a semester at a partner university). After that, you will do your internship. This internship must entail research and a research report, and the results of that research must contribute to the development of a work field. You’ll be studying at an honours college, so we’ll have high expectations of you. Judging by the feedback from the work field, our students are doing an excellent job.

Facts and Figures
• Founded in 2008
• Only 80 students selected per year
• Over 35 nationalities represented
• Guaranteed student housing for first-year students
• Three semesters out of four years can be done abroad
• Over 100 partner universities worldwide
• Real-life projects from Year 1 onward in locations such as Aruba, Uganda, Romania, Kosovo, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Ghana
• Second university in the Netherlands with a UN-Habitat Partnership
• UN Academic Impact Partnership contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals
• 80% of students continue pursuing a master’s degree (some even a PhD). 

Selection procedure
1. Register via studielink.nl before May 15. You will receive an automatic email asking you to complete the Student/Online Matching Test. It requires you to answer general questions about your personal situation and write an essay, among other requirements.
2. Personal selection interview and group assignments (in person or via Skype)

Our BBA program selects only 80 students per year, and we work on a first come, first served basis.

Entry requirements
• Diploma equivalent to the Dutch HAVO or VWO diploma with a pass in English and Mathematics


Windesheim University of Applied Sciences is located in Zwolle, Netherlands. Zwolle is a medium-sized city only one hour from Amsterdam. About 30,000 students study in Zwolle in one of the four Universities of Applied Sciences. As well as a beautiful historic centre, the city has lots of parks (really nice for picnics!), plus atmospheric cafés and places to eat.


Type of School: Dutch University of Applied Sciences that provides higher education and research for undergraduates

Size of Campus: 37 square miles (in Dutch, 200 by 300 meters); large campus with nine Educational Buildings, each with its own theme (T is for Technical, B is for Business); numerous sports facilities with three swimming pools, a fitness area, a climbing wall, and judo rooms

Number of Students:
Windesheim has a large campus with over 22,000 students.
Number of Faculty:
The whole faculty that Windesheim Honours College is part of exists of about 250 students and staff members.

Colleges, programs, and degrees: Over 50 bachelor’s programs, of which two are fully in English (International Business), plus numerous exchange programs; an honours college program with the Bachelor of Global Project and Change Management

Geographic Diversity:
Over 35 different nationalities represented, mostly from Europe; 40% Dutch students, 24% German students, and 36% diverse nationalities (European and non-European)

International Student Services:
International Office to support students in their visa applications; guaranteed housing for first-year Global Project and Change Management students

International Student Budget:
• Institutional tuition fee for non-EU citizens: $7,400
• Basic statutory tuition fee for EU and EEA citizens: $2,400
• Living expenses: Approximately $850 per month
- Housing (including furbished room plus water, electricity, and Wi-Fi): Approximately $510 per month
- Food, drinks, and living expenses: Approximately $225 per month
- Phone, insurance, clothing, and miscellaneous expenses: Approximately $110 per month
• Books and college materials: Approximately $570 per year

Financial Aid:
Students can apply for government loans via www.duo.nl; no scholarships available

Test Score Requirements:
Assessed case by case on high school diploma; SAT and ACT scores not necessary

Application Deadlines and Fees: All completed applications need to be handed in before June 1.

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