Arcadia University

Glenside, PA

Arcadia University

Glenside, PA

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Why choose Arcadia University?

Set on a beautiful campus centered around the historic landmark Grey Towers Castle, Arcadia University is a top-ranked private university in Greater Philadelphia offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. At Arcadia, nearly 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students choose from more than 65 fields of study.

The University provides students with a distinctively global, integrative, and personal learning experience that prepares them for postgraduate success in a diverse world. With a student-faculty ratio of 12:1 and an average first-year class size of 14, Arcadia students learn in a tight-knit community that inspires and encourages interaction, collaboration, and discussion.

Arcadia has been a leader in international academic experiences for nearly 70 years. It’s no surprise that the University has been nationally ranked in study abroad participation for the past 10 years in the Institute of International Education’s Open Doors Report. Plus, scholarships and financial aid apply when you study abroad through an Arcadia program.

At Arcadia, scholarships, grants, and loans make a nationally recognized education affordable. Approximately 99% of full-time undergraduates receive merit scholarships and/or need-based grants through the University. Distinguished Scholarships and Achievement Awards recognize academic excellence, leadership, service, and exceptional participation in school and community activities.

According to a postgraduate outcomes survey for the Class of 2019, 97.4% of respondents were employed, in graduate school, employed and in graduate school, or in military service within six to nine months of graduation.



Nationally ranked for study abroad and highly ranked for Value, Innovation, Social Mobility, and Best Regional Colleges—Northeast | U.S. News & World Report


Ranked among the “Best Colleges in the Northeast” for six consecutive years in 2020 | The Princeton Review


Ranked among the top institutions in the US for study abroad participation | The Institute of International Education

Unique programs

• First- and Second-Year Study Abroad Experiences: Earn credit and receive support overseas

• Gateway to Success: Provides personalized academic support to select students

• The Honors Program: Encourages students to feed, refine, and own their strengths

• Civic Scholars: A training ground for students who are passionate about social change

• College2Career: Designed to help students make connections between academics and future professions

• Social Action and Justice Education Fellowship: Addresses the lack of diversity in the teaching profession

• GAP Year: An affordable way for students to earn credit while acquiring a sense of the Arcadia experience

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “I chose Arcadia because they awarded me a scholarship that no other school could match. But I knew I made the right decision when I visited the campus—it felt like home. Nothing compared to the feeling I got standing in the Castle.”

    • Rikki Rosenthal ’22
  • “I’m from a small town where leaving [home] is something hardly anyone does. When I heard about Arcadia, I knew it was my chance to become independent, spread my wings, and try to become something I wouldn’t have been if I stayed put.”

    • Nick Schiavo ’22
  • “When I visited Arcadia, I couldn’t think of a more perfect location for a college. Philadelphia is just a short train ride away, but I also enjoy the charm of small towns and places where I’ve become a regular.”

    • Jasmin Ramirez ’21
  • “College is the place to find like-minded people. For me, this was a huge thing. Just meeting people who finally thought the same way I did helped me feel so much more at home.”

    • Denise Glick ’23