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American Colleges With International Campuses

Stay with a host family? It's not necessary at these schools! Not only do they offer study abroad, but they have a whole campus out there—because sometimes colleges need to...

Colleges Where First-Year Study Abroad Is Common

A lot of schools only offer study abroad opportunities to seniors, juniors, and sometimes sophomores, but the colleges and universities on this list decided that their...

Colleges that Promote Internationalism

These schools are members of the Council for European Studies, which...promotes the study of Europe. We know: "Duh."

Colleges with Campuses in the Persian Gulf

Always a hotbed of international activity, the Persian Gulf is bustling with satellite campuses from colleges and universities all over the world.

Highest Undergraduate Participation in Study Abroad at Baccalaureate Institutions

Beautiful places, incredible food and drink, exotic cultures, attractive foreigners with accents . . . there is definitely a lot to study out there.

Highest Undergraduate Participation in Study Abroad at Doctoral/Research Universities

How do they even find the time to study abroad with all their research? Those students must know something that we don't.

International Study in English

Say you want to study overseas, but the typical one-semester abroad just won't cut it. You could spend all four years at one of these schools, where the language of instruction...

The Experts' Choice: Colleges and Universities With Terrific Study Abroad Options

Most colleges and universities have some form of study abroad, but these schools are truly the best of the best, with more options, more programs, more everything.

Top 25 Leading Destinations of U.S. Study Abroad Students

From the hot beaches of Chile to the busy city streets of China, students sure do know how to get around.

Top Reasons for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is kind of a big deal: you have to say goodbye to your tiny campus bubble, your best friends, and your dog to embark on an educational adventure overseas. But...

Residential Colleges in Canada

Canadian colleges and universities aren't big with on-campus housing, but at these schools, 25% or more of the full-time undergraduates live on campus'so students who need that...

Sought-After Canadian Universities

Not only are these Canadian schools just as selective and respected as some of the top U.S. colleges and universities, they're cheaper too! And they're close to awesome skiing...

The Experts' Choice: Great Canadian Colleges for American Students

Allo, Americans! Ça va? Come on up for school, eh? FYI, this list is from The College Finder, 2017 edition now available!

Association of American International Colleges and Universities

Born with wanderlust? At these schools, a U.S. education is guaranteed abroad.

Colleges With the Largest Enrollment of International Students

These schools see more international traffic than Heathrow Airport. The number is the total enrollment of international students at each college.