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Top 10 College Admission Mistakes

Dean of Admissions, Saint Mary's College of California

College admission reps have seen it all, from inspiring personal essays to disappointing (and all too common) application mistakes. Lucky for you, one of those same admission VIPs is here to warn you of which mistakes to avoid on your college applications! read more

Top Mistakes Transfer Students Make...and How to Avoid Them!

Assistant Director of Transfer Admission, Aurora University

Because the transfer process is fraught with unique challenges, it comes with unique potential pitfalls as well. That's why we asked a transfer admission insider to point them out for you so you can watch your step. read more

How do admission counselors rank the different application elements, like GPA, test scores, essay, and recommendations?

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This may vary by school, but in many cases the work that you have done over three to four years of high school is the most important indicator of your ability to do college level work. It is not just the grades, but the rigor of the classes that you take that will show your abilities. read more

Highlight Your Strengths on Your College Applications

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The college application process is not meant to be a breeze; it's meant to push you further and force you to think about yourself a little more. read more

If I Could Do the College Search All Over Again


I'm in college now, yet there are a few things I could have done back then that would have given me a leg up in my college search. read more