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Why Are Campus Visits So Important?

Campus visits play a crucial role in finding the best-fit college for your needs. Check out what our experts have to say about why they're so important. read more

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ZeeMee: The Future of College Applications?

What's this see-me thing everyone's talking about? Learn about ZeeMee and what is has to do with your college applications. read more

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How Your Potential Major Can Influence Your College Search

Many factors go into finding the right college, from academic rigor to scholarships offered to sports. But where does your college major fit in? read more

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The Golden Rule of College Transfers

Aim high in your college transfer ambitions, and you never know where the future may take you. read more

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What to Expect From College Admission Interviews

Even when they're not required, college admission interviews are often a good way to bolster an application. Here's how to tackle your admission interview. read more

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Senioritis Doesn't Go Away...But That's Okay

You hear the term "senioritis" thrown around jokingly as an underclassman, and you think to yourself, "That'll never be me." Not. The. Case. read more


Dare to Be More With Catholic Education

In the college search, cost, academics, and location are certainly important. But is there more to higher education? Could there be? read more

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Should I Take Both the ACT and SAT?

Many students agonize over whether to take the SAT or the ACT. One solution to this problem is taking both, right? Wrong! Here's what our experts say. read more


The Hardest Admission Interview Questions

What do you do when an admission interviewer throws you a curveball? Find out what the hardest admission interview questions are and how to answer them! read more

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Application Essay Example: The Surgeon

This is a *real* admission essay a student submitted with his application to Loyola University New Orleans. Read it and get inspired! read more


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