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Smart Saving: 7 Savvy Finance Apps College Students Should Download Today

Saving and budgeting money are easier than ever for tech-savvy students with tools at your fingertips! Here are seven apps to simplify your financial life.

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Over 20 Apps to Help You Get Through Tough Finals This Semester

Finals week is always a stressful time! Here are desktop and phone apps for every step of the study and prep process that will make exam season easier.

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5 Free College Search Apps You Need to Try

We do everything on our phones these days, so why not search for colleges too? Check out these five free apps that can help you find your perfect college!

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ZeeMee: The Future of College Applications?

What's this see-me thing everyone's talking about? Learn about ZeeMee and what is has to do with your college applications.

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Top 6 Apps You Need to Download for Academic Success

Whether you're looking for study help, a planner, or a way to organize weekly assignments, there's an app for that. But these seven are some of the best!

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