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Extracurricular Activities: The Big Secret to Winning at College Life

Imagine a secret formula that results in happiness, better academics, and improved job prospects for college students. Want to be in on the secret? Read on!

Dir. of Recruitment & Strategic Initiatives, Case Western Reserve University

Why It's Never Too Late to Get Involved on Your College Campus

Classes aren't the only way to explore new ideas and experiences at school. Here's how to get involved in college, whether you live on campus or commute.

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Kentucky Wesleyan College

How to Live and Grow in Your Faith on a College Campus

There are many ways a student can live their faith on their college campus, but you may need some help finding the best ways, so we have some advice for you!

Staff Writer, Saint Michael's College

The Best Ways for International Students to Get Involved at US Universities

The US university experience is about more than studying. Here's why international students should join clubs and organizations to get connected on campus.

Director of International Student Recruitment, University of Minnesota

Top Pros and Cons of Joining Greek Life in College

Curious about Greek life in college? Here are some pros and cons of joining a fraternity or sorority to help you decide if it's the right path for you.

Freelance Writer

Is Chapel Required for All Students at Christian Colleges?

Christian colleges have some different requirements of their students than other colleges. Here's some expert advice on what's expected for chapel services.

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Messiah College

Exploring Extracurricular Activities in College: How to Find the Best Opportunities

Wondering what college extracurriculars are all about? Check out this guide on everything you need to know about finding and joining clubs on campus.

Former Contributing Editor, CollegeXpress

Campus Fun and Freedom

There is never a shortage of things to do on campus, so you don't have to spend hours hiding in your room trolling Facebook (even though you will at some point, no doubt about it). You won't be forced to participate in dorm activities, but do yourself a favor and try one or two and join in on the campus fun!

Editor, Carnegie Communications

Campus Activities, Clubs, and Other Fun Ways to Get Involved at College

Joining activities can help you meet people and make friends in college. But with so many clubs to choose from, where do you start? This guide can help!

Former Editor, Careers & Colleges Magazine

Bust the Myth: 3 Easy Places to Make New Friends as a Transfer Student

Don't believe the myth that transfer students don't make friends on their new campus. If you put yourself out there, you'll find friends in these places.

Director of Communications, Commonwealth School

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