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4 Interesting Ways to Help You Find Your College Major

Assistant Editor and Social Media Coordinator, Carnegie Dartlet

Choosing your college major can be a long and stressful process if you're not someone who's had their heart set on a career for a long time, but you can make it more interesting and less intimidating with a little creativity and these tips! read more

7 Valuable Job Search Sites for College Students

Group Marketing Manager, Cardinal Group Management

Don't limit your job search--find a job you'll love. Here are the websites that will give you the most exposure, plus the sites with the coolest job listings. read more

7 Resume Must-Haves and 7 Pitfalls to Avoid

Director of Marketing, Broadstone Brickell

Are you certain you know how to create a winning resume? This quick guide will ensure you're not using outdated practices or leaving out important info. read more

How to Find Your First Job Out of College

Business Manager, Talaria Burbank

Don't be intimidated by your first big job hunt. Learn the best strategies and resources to make your career search successful here! read more

Let's Talk About Communications Careers

CollegeXpress Student Writer

There's plenty you can do with a Communications major. Not sure what? Here are a few career ideas! read more

Top 10 Reasons to Major in Computer Science

Emeritus Professor of Computer Science, Otterbein University

Want a cutting-edge career that's also marketable in any business environment? Consider Computer Science! read more

A Beginner's Guide to Freelancing in College, Part 2: The Not-So-Fun Stuff

Editorial Assistant, Carnegie Dartlet

Part one of this series covered the fun side of freelancing in college. Part two will get you through the grittier side of working for yourself. read more

What to Do If Your Post-Grad Job Plans Don't Work Out


What do you do when your post-grad career plans don't work out as planned? Use the following expert tips to make a new plan and secure another job offer. read more

A Beginner's Guide to Freelancing in College, Part 1: The Fun Stuff

Editorial Assistant, Carnegie Dartlet

Do freelance work to make extra money, they said. It's easy, they said. They were wrong--but this two-part guide on freelancing in college should make it a little easier! read more

Adulting 101: Tackling the Job Search After College

Freelance Writer

"Adulting 101" is a six-week series to assist with your transition from college to the real world. This week's topic: handling the post-grad job search. read more