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Great Careers for Aspiring Humanities Majors to Consider

CollegeXpress Student Writer, India

A Humanities degree gives you a wide range of potential careers after graduation. Here's a look at 10 potential jobs you could pursue after college. read more

Experiential Learning: The Key to Great Post-College Jobs

Educational Consultant

Focusing on career prep and internships early is crucial to developing skills needed to impress employers. Here's how to plan for the postgrad job search now. read more

Majors and Careers for Those Who Want to Help the Earth

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Are you passionate about environmental conservation? Consider dedicating your life's work to the Earth with these amazing majors and career paths. read more

Dentistry: A Great Career Path and How to Get There

Marketing Director, The Teeth Blog

Dentistry is a lucrative and rewarding career to go into. Here's why it's a great choice, what to know about field specializations, and how to get started. read more

10 Ways to Prepare Now for a Great Life After College

Blogger and Academic Writer

There are many things you can do during college to build a great foundation for career success and life after graduation. Here are 10 steps to get started! read more

5 Important Reasons to Get an Internship in College

Digital Marking Intern, Iowa Wesleyan University

In this day and age, you're only doing yourself a disservice if you don't have an internship in college. Here's why they're so beneficial to your career success. read more

Advice for Parents Looking to Return to Work and School

Writer, ReadyJob.org

Sometimes parents have to leave the workforce when they have kids. Looking to get back to work? Here's some advice if your plans involve college. read more

Q&A: All About the Opportunity Gap


In our final Q&A with The Opportunity Network, we discuss the nature of the opportunity gap and how we as a community can work to close it. Read on! read more

7 Tips to Help You Profit With a Freelance Career

Content Marketer, ValuePenguin.com

Freelance work can be lucrative, but it won't be if you're not doing it right. Here are seven tips to help you launch your freelance career today. read more

Q&A: Internship and Career Prep Advice for Students of Color


We teamed up with AiLun Ku from The Opportunity Network to share advice about internships and career planning for students of color. Read our interview here! read more