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How to Utilize Technology to Get Ahead of the Class

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Technology can be used inside and outside the classroom to help you succeed. Here's how you can get ahead and stay ahead with reputable online resources, helpful apps, and cloud access. read more

Tips for Choosing Your Senior Year Schedule

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Choosing a class schedule for senior year can be a daunting task. Here's how to strike a balance between all your options. read more

4 Summer Activities That Will Impress Colleges

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Summer isn't all about getting ready for college...but it is a great time for that! And you can fit that stuff in around having fun and relaxing too. read more

6 Tips for Excelling in Your Online Grad School Classes

Editor-in-Chief, Carnegie Communications

Taking a class in part or entirely online isn't necessarily like the in-person course work you're accustomed to, just unfolding on your computer screen. There are several best practices to be aware of, so you can get the most out of your experience. read more

Breaking Bad Habits from Vegetation to Procrastination

Editorial Assistant, Carnegie Communications

Take heed of this cautionary yet all-too-relatable tale of bad study skills, unhealthy habits, and dorm-room dilemmas...plus a few tips on how to turn things around. read more

Tips for Choosing Your College Classes

Student, Winston-Salem State University

How do you choose classes that fit your major and your interests and your schedule...without going crazy? read more

Surviving Freshman Year as a Student-Athlete

Founder and CEO, GamePhox Unlimited, LLC.

Being a student-athlete can be a bit overwhelming when you first arrive freshman year. So how do you manage it? read more

How to Stay Involved in the Arts as a Non-major

Student, Wellesley College

Love the arts but not majoring in them? You don't have to give up your watercolor-painting, tap-dancing, horn-playing habits just yet! read more

5 Things High School Students Need to Do This Summer

Founder and Director, Strategic Admissions Advice LLC

Want to standout in the college admission process? Do these five things this summer. It's not too late! read more

How to Choose College Electives

English Tutor, TutorNerds

There's a little more to it than just picking the classes about TV shows and movies . . . although they're cool too. read more